My Top 3 Photo Editing Phone Apps

Hey guys! Nice to see you again after my previous post about Kailijumei Lipstick!
Recently I am really busy with school work and this post has been delayed for quite some time.:(
Knowing that almost everyone edit their photos before posting onto social media,so I think I can probably share with you my TOP 3 PHOTO EDITING PHONE APPS to enhance your photo’s quality and make your photo more interesting!

3. Beautycam

This application is great to edit portrait, you can enhance your face features easily with this!

This is the interface of the app, SelfieGacha and PikaPika are the new functions available. One of the effect is…

HAHA! This is really adorable though it is kinda unrealistic. You can try playing with it during free time 😛

2. Meitu

This is the interface of the app

There are plenty of filters to choose from in this apps. 
These two are my favourite filters, you can simply adjust the effect levels based on your liking.
If you want a fancy filter, there is it

HAHA! To be honest this looks a bit over, but fun though!

1. Pitu

I was really impressed by this application as the filters are so amazing! That’s the reason of me choosing this app as the TOP photo editing app among the three. 

This is the interface of the app, usually I will choose the ‘edit’ option to select my filter later.

So this is the original photo of mine before any adjustment
This is my favourite filter so far. It enhances the lighting and creates a “creamy” kind of feel. You can simply create “creamy” skin tone by just a click without struggling on how to use Photoshop!
You can try to play around with those filters and I am pretty sure you will love it! *wink*

Do not worry if you don’t have a DSLR, you just need a phone and a photo editing apps to create quality photos! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new! Stay tuned for more interesting stuff just for you~

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Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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