My acne-fighting journey


I do understand how it feels to have an acne-prone skin. Apart from having low self-esteem, we tend to avoid meeting people or trying to cover it up with thick foundation.
I suffered from breakout after entering University, which I had never experienced before. I was afraid of meeting anyone, I cried at night because of my friend asking “why do you have so many pimples?” To the friend who raised this up, please be a bit conscious about what you are saying. Come on, don’t you think you are a bit too straight forward?? >.< Okayyy, enough of complaining, let’s see what I’ve done to cure my face. (My skin is not perfect but it is much better now!)
1. Identify the reason
Overuse of cosmetics? Apply the wrong cosmetics?
Before the breakout, I was enthusiastic in trying out many make up products, like BB Cushion, Make up base, highlighting stick and etc. I put on mask like 3 times a week because I thought that this could provide more nutrients to my face. I bought a lot of beauty products, mainly Korea’s brand. Do note that Korea’s cosmetics are targeted mainly for Koreans and Koreans focus on moisturizing or hydrating. However, we are living in such a humid hot weather, our face secretes oil easily. Your pores might be blocked by the make up or oil, this can be even worst if you didn’t correctly remove all your make up at the end of the day. For my case, I think that BB cream and CC cream were the culprit that caused the blocked pores and eventually they turned into pimples.
2. Approached the doctors
I visited two doctors, one based in Malaysia and another one in Singapore. The Malaysia one didn’t really help much. The clinic in Singapore was recommended by my boyfriend. So after saving enough money, I finally visited the clinic. The doctor is experienced in curing acne issues, they have cured many acne problems. My one was considered not so serious kind as I did not need to consume any medication.
What did I use after first consultation?
– Acne Facial Wash
ma hydrating cleanser
– Morning Gel
– Night Gel
– Mattifying Gel
– Acne cream
*sorry I only have the picture of the facial wash for now!
Most of them are gel based products as cream based products are not suitable for oily skin. The consultation fee was $35 (student price) and all the products cost me around $170 to $180. 
My face was peeling because the night gel and mattifying gel really dried my skin up! I looked super ugly, like some sick lady. But after sometimes I realized that my skin was getting better!
I am still using their products as it is really not easy to find products that are suitable for your skin! 
For the entire 3-6 months, I didn’t put make up at all except for UV protection cream/sunblock. The sunblock I have been using until now is from Innisfree. I am a die hard fan for this product, because it is sebum-free!!!
Daily UV protection cream no sebum SPF35 PA+++
This is the latest packaging of the sunblock, it is $19 in retail store. You can probably get it at $13-$15 online.

The coverage of this sunblock is pretty low, so do not expect it to cover your pimples or scars. Please! Do not put make up too often during the recovery process! I strongly recommend this sunblock to oily skin/combination skin, just that it is more suitable for people who have brighter skin tone!

4. Remove the excess oil on the skin
I really dislike the greasy feeling on my face. So, what I did was to use a piece of clean tissue to tap away the excess oil. Some people washed their faces instead but more oil will be secreted if you washed your face for many times a day. 
5. Do no touch your face with your hands!
Our hands can be really dirty after touching various items. So, do not transfer the bacteria to your face! I know that you will like to touch your face to see if your pimples are getting smaller… Please wash your hands before doing this!
6. Stop the itchy hand!

I understand the urge to squeeze the pimple out when you see the ‘white’ head coming out. But the mishandling of this will eventually cause the pimples to spread out and leave a scar. I think that applying pimple cream will be a better choice. Don’t be afraid to look ugly for just a few days ok! 
7. Be positive
Please do not be discouraged or demoralized by your skin condition because it will get well eventually! Really! You just have to stay hygienic, reduce the use of cosmetics and use the suitable skin product. 

Remember that acne can never be cured, but can be controlled. 
If you’re interested to know more about the clinic that I visited, the information is as follow:

Clinic name: Medical Aesthetic
Location: Hougang & Clementi
* This is not a sponsored post.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed the content.

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