Fashion Trend Jan – Feb 2017

February is coming to an end so I thought I can summarize the fashion trend of Jan and Feb 2017. 
Still wearing off shoulder or lace? Errr that’s too mainstream!
Scroll down to see what’s going on in the fashion scene today!
*This is not a sponsored post, I am only sharing about fashion 🙂

Before that, let me post a #OOTD of myself attending the Casio Exilim TR80 Selfie Cam Launch! Talk more about the camera in the next post ya.
1. Embroidery 
Rose is the top pick in Korean Fashion Scene now!
Emilia Dress in Black

*Picture taken from MDS website
*picture taken from Lechic website

*Picture taken from Lechic Website

2. Satin 
*Picture taken from MFW store website

3. Printed Tee
Oversized Printed Tee is also trendy in Korea now!
4. Wide leg jeans
If you’re a lover of wide leg pants, please try this!
5. Fluted sleeve
*Picture taken from Lechic website

*picture taken from Lechic website

6. Go Transparent 
Be sexy and feminine with these see through materials!
Deidre Organza Maxi Dress

*Picture taken from OHVOLA website
7. Fishnet Stocking
8. Slip dress

Life is short, do not hesitate to be fashionable today!
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