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Chinese New Year 2017 (1)

Time passed really fast especially for holidays. I guess most of you spent your CNY holidays feasting, gambling, gossiping, and… stuck in a traffic jam. Well, it took me 16 hours to travel from Perak to Singapore yesterday when it is usually just an 8-hour journey. This is my first time experiencing such a terrible traffic jam in Malaysia and it happened in the midnight some more.  In the end, I came to realize that most of the cars stuck in traffic jam are owned by Malays but not Chinese, uh?! 

Other than those CNY activities mentioned above, ladies would dress up nicely to present their best in front of the relatives and friends. Hehe, scroll down to see my CNY outfit!

Chor 1 #OOTD

You might have thought that I am wearing sleeping dress, but it is trendy this year! Especially with the lace details at the chest and bottom area, and I really love olive green/dirty green. O-ring has also been trendy for a while so I bought this sling bag with O-ring in the front. 

A picture with my beautiful cousins. The most right one has just won her title as ifeel Girl Search Champion 2016. Congrats! Follow her insta @lovell_jia !

Chor 2 #OOTD 

I can say that white shirt will never be out of trend yo, and the flared dress really made me look young and girlish!

Managed to snap a shot with the handsome 小舅

Featuring the boyfriend’s outfit on Chor 4, the PUMA shoes he got from Taiwan is really gorgeous!

Chor 4 #OOTD

Wide leg jeans with plain tee for day 4. Finally back to Singapore!

That’s all from me for now… Share with you more in the upcoming post!

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