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First Post Ever: Photoshoot @ Punggol

I stopped blogging since my Sec 4 and I thought I wouldn’t come back to blogging anymore. However, recently I am passionate in sharing my style, my music and my words. So… I am back to this and I hope that my blog could be informative and fun! If you dunno about me, I am Kimberly from NTU, doing a not-so-easy course and expecting my graduation this year. I do want this blog to be bilingual, reason being I love to express myself in Chinese language but I know that Singaporeans are more into English language, HA!
This is my first ever post in the blog and I doubt if anybody will notice about it? Lemme share with you a good spot for photoshoot in Singapore – Punggol Waterway Point. 
Punggol has been a hit point for photoshoot, e.g. Coney Island, Punggol Lalang Field and etc.
But I was a just a little lazy to go there as I am an anti-UV person. So Waterway Point is like a place where you can enjoy the aircon after photoshoot, best! 
Without much nonsense, let’s have a look at some of my photos.






P/S: I edited each photo differently based on the feel of individual photo.
Black x White was the theme for my outfit and I really love how it matches with the background.
I shall share more in my next post, see you!
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Hope you enjoyed the post!


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