Have you guys heard of Yakson House? A house of master craftsmen.đŸ€—

If you haven’t heard about Yakson House, let me share with you the coolest treatments they offer but first, Let us go through a bit History of Yakson House .


When does it started and how?

Yakson is a Korean aesthetic brand that started in Korea in 1979. Wow ! Well then, it has been around for more than 39 years. It’s all started with Chairman Lee Byung-Chul invented Golki Therapy after long term researching effective massage technique for those with health issues. The effectiveness of Golki Therapy spreads, many people was flocked from all over the country  to learn Lee’s Golki Therapy technique. Wow!

First Yakson House Branch in Masan Korea.

Lee Byung-Chul opens the First Yakson House Branch in 1981 and later,  with CEO Kim Hyun-Sook and Director Chung Moon-Soon who were running their own aesthetic business joins Yakson to enhance the Golki therapy with aesthetics in a whole new level!

Yakson House Academy.

yakson house academy5

I was really wow when i read that Chairman Lee opened the first Yakson House Academy in 2001 and also began to train more Golki therapy masters then second academy in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo ! Super stuffs just meant to be taught! 😆

Yakson House Branches all over in the Asian Countries.

Many Korean celebrities visited Yakson House for their beauty needs and well of course with its success, Yakson House gone on to open more than 100 branches in Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Japan, Taipei , Vietnam and Singapore !

And talking about the coolest treatments they have. 

Not your usual neighborhood beauty salon ,  The Yakson House offers combine facials care and hand crafting (massage) technique that helps to realign your bone structure to its original, symmetrical shape. That’s pretty much what you guys are looking for right?

 The thing is that I always thought the only way to have long term effects of face lifting, slimmer look is to get botox and plastic surgeries but now we don’t have to. With Yakson House called them-self the house of master craftsmen, they uses their hands to achieve what we desire for. That’s why i said they have the coolest treatments 👏 👏!

Let’s check out the most popular treatments – Small Face, Sculpture Face and Balance Face, 

Theses Treatments involve with Golki therapy and require a series of 10 or 20 sessions for full results to be seen and each treatment are about 2 hours long.

How does Golki Therapy works :

Golki Therapy is effective in changing a person’s facial bone structure by stimulating the bones through kneading,massaging the skin and muscles, which helps to promote blood circulation and the discharge of waste.  Not only it benefits the skin, but also the muscles and bones, and promoting general health and well-being.

 I guess after each treatment, one should drinks more water to have better results.


Small Face care for people who want a smaller and slimmer face.

Even if you consider of slim down specific areas of your body, like big hips bone Yakson House have body care treatment uses Golki therapy to help you with. Perfect from Head to Toe.

Face Sculpting Care are for peoples who want a more well-defined face and look younger.

Yay men, say no to plastic surgeries.

Balanced Face Care are for people who always use one side to chew or resting your chin on your arm resulting an facial unbalanced. To achieve balanced face,small oval face and to look more confident in photo shoots.

What’s more? 

At Yakson House, they provide lockers for you to keep your personal things and with your own pass code for it. You don’t have to worry about your belongings when you are in middle of your treatment.


Then stepping in to a incredibly relaxing environment and provide much needed of shower facilities to freshen up if you are heading out after your treatment.


If you have doubts or questions, please check out the FAQ or give Yakson House a call for appointment to have a more details on what can a Golki therapy customize to your beauty needs.


Yakson House Branch @

HarbourFront  | The Star Vista | Wheelock Place

Email: enquiry@yakson.com.sg Website: http://www.yakson.com.sg

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