Jin Hae Cherry Blossom Tour ’18- Seoul Travel Pass

It was impromptu. Last December, i booked a flight to seoul in march, just me and myself. I’m  so excited about this trip and done all the itinerary myself.  Stays in a airbnb, places that i never visit before and ya I also booked a Cherry Blossom tour  online with Seoul Travel Pass. It was a fulfilled and enjoyable trip.😍 Definitely going back again!!

Nevertheless, let me share my Jin Hae Cherry Blossom Tour with you guys !

Cherry Blossoms in Seoul normally bloom in early April, and yay it only happens once in a year ! So plan your trip wisely if you want to see them😍 !

And Seoul Travel Pass website are really easy to use, simply choose the tour you want, the date and which location to board/drop off the bus. That’s it ! Remember to print out the coupon too !

Aww.. Here i go ~

1st April’18

Waking up super early as i boarding the bus at 610am, took the train to Dongdaemun station. And follow by meeting up the tour guide,Alvin. It will be a 5 hours journey to Jin Hae, if you didn’t know Jin Hae are located right next to busan so ya it a long journey from seoul!


Thank you, Ktourstory for the mineral water and bread. My breakfast haha.


If you were me, i’m sure you will did the same too. Sleep! 😂😂😂

About two hours, we had a 20 mins break somewhere i don’t know.😆  Just want to say that i really really love the life here in seoul, the streets, peoples and scenery. I wish that i don’t have to go back singapore. 😜😜


Another 3 hours ride .. and you was about to see these.

Yay Finally reaching ! Many of the cherry blossom blooming up!



First Stop – Jinhae – Yeojwacheon Romance Bridge

Our Tour Guide, Alvin reminding us where is our meetup point and time.


Simply just follow the crowds hahah. Yay. It will be super crowded as it is the 1st day of the festival.


Super pretty ~ Let’s just use photos to do the talking 😬






Super in love with these ~


Byee ~Yeojwacheon Romance Bridge . See you when i see you.❤️️


Second Stop which is the last stop of the Tour ~

Jinhae Gyeonghwa Rail Station


I also want hold hand with oppa and take couple photo 🙆





Super crowded !



I will miss these ! And ya all the walkings make me tired but worth it. hahaha. Back to our meeting point and hop on the bus. Another long journey to go.

Thank you alvin, for taking care of us onboard.

Thank you Ktourstory and Seoul Travel Pass for this awesome tour.

I enjoyed alot alot and will come back again ~

If you are heading to seoul, and decided to spend a day tour  do check out Seoul Travel Pass. Affordable and ya definitely reliable .



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