ūüôą When you want slim & contour face, choose 2B for Face !

Sometime i wake up with puffy face and a quick way out for  slimmer and contour face other than going for botox, I opt for the easier & instant way combining this two 2B Singapore Р2B for face & Mask for face and it works effectively !

What will 2B helps you?
-Tightens, Firms & Contours face
-Patented ingredient [2Base] increases the rate of penetration & moisturizes skin. Highly absorptive!
– Thin Out Chewing Muscle
– Reduce Puffiness
– Reduces visible fine lines
– Whitens & Smoothen Skin

Unlike common products in the market that only focus on water retention in the face problems, 2B For Face contains a brand-new French Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, which effectively weakens and thins out chewing muscles
that cause a square jaw by topical application. It would make the jawline softer and more feminine. According to plastic surgeons, weakening the chewing muscles is safer and more effective than bone reduction surgery. It effectively resolves different facial problems and is therefore a common practice in Europe.

In addition to Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, 2B For Face contains de-swelling ingredients from the U.S., which accelerate lymphatic circulation and reduce double chin and facial swelling. Besides its re-contouring effect, Lipidure from Japan can also moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles. Melaclear 2 re-vitalizes the skin texture, leaving the skin velvety, elastic and radiant after use.

And it is also suitable for all skin types !

Menthol, Lavender, Hyaluronic Acid (1%) Guarana Extract, L-Carnitine, Ginseng Extract, Caffeine, Botox, Water.

Each box of 2B Alternative Face serum comes with 2 bottles of 7ml goodness along with 2 individual silicone droppers that are to be attached to the bottles once opened.

How to apply:

Apply 2B for Face once every day for 2 to 3 months. It is apply one time everyday, after cleansing face (then you can apply toner first), then applying 2 drops on each cheek and the chin. Massage upward gently into the skin until fully absorbed.

Kelynn’s thoughts: It absorb really well, like nothing was applied.¬† Instantly you can feel the tightness, and i can see my jawline getting sharper too after a few usage. Super effective.

Mask for Face РThe first slimming mask in the world also best for people who want to have an instant lifting, slimmer face.
Target: To cheek, jaw, chin and neck. Suitable for every specific facial area. With the best patent-design, it fits tightly to all different shapes of face.

2B Mask for Face is a breath taking gift from 2B Alternative, that is dedicated to all users of 2B for Face slimming essence. Highly recommended to use this mask with the combined of 2B for Face !

After applying the essence with daily usage, you only need to apply the mask once per week for facial corrective and reshape to satisfying effects. Because the mask has the unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target point of the face, which activates these key facial points with fully absorption.

Kelynn thoughts: It works even effectively when you wash your skin with warm water as it promote blood circulation and metabolism mean it gonna burn your fats but no worry there is no discomfort and it so simple to use it with a hook over your ears !! The lifting effects are immediate, as i can feel the firmness and tighter skin after a few usage. Really magical. I would love to recommend you ladies who want to have sharper face to use this if you heading for a wedding dinner, or any parties .

Result after a month of usage with both 2B for Face & Mask :

And that result of me using their products, well as i going through my own diet so i slim down as well with the help of 2B face products even better !!

I guess you guys have been seeing this product around, like Watsons, guardian and many department stores. 2B Alternative has been in the market for more than 7 years. Its has been receiving many compliments from users all over the world.

Some more CNY festival is getting nearer if you want a slimmer and contour face should go get it ! ūüôā

For more info:
Website: http://www.2blife.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2Bslimming


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