Decorate your work space with Masons Home Decor Singapore.

I really love the ideas of decorating our work space. It really to boost up the environment and as well as our moods. Looking at the plants can relax both our eyes and mind .

Thank you, Masons Home Decor Pte. Ltd for sending these babies over ~
It been three weeks now and it is still surviving ! Haha !

Zilo Dolce – Single Succulent Open Jar Terrarium

Days in the office is so much beautiful when you gotta to see your frosty pink tipped succulent in a globe of clear glass jar🙆🍀

Hopes that i have taken well of you ~ Please as long as you can ~ heheh^^

An addition to your home decor with pictures frame ~
So in love with the #siblingloves photos .

You guys should check out these home/office decor. Make a change and probably everything will feel better?

A plant that gives you the energy , boost up your moods. Live happily ~

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