Valentine’s Day is around the corner and all i wanted is …

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and all i wanted is …

To me, Valentine’s day is just an normal day. I never wanted any gift but Bonding and Loves with family would means anything. Totally price-less. A gift that i would appreciate.

Monsters age at 5,6 will never know what is a Valentine’s day all about and i will tell them that this date is the day we celebrate loves. And Mommy loves you. Probably having a day out with a treats ( Ice cream, toys and anything they wanted)

A day where we learns to appreciate and love each other even more.

But to the people out there, Loves & Bonding is a gift that not everybody can have and some people not knowing how to appreciate people around them. Too bad. You will never be happy !

I’m contented and happy with people around me.  Cares and Loves me ! Thank you !



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