Find Out and Reach Your 2017 #FitnessGoals Resolution !

WHY should we work out ? Why ? I guess there is alot of reasons to do so!
Burns those CNY fats away that still lingering around your body. Bbq, Ba Gua, Sweet stuffs !! And somehow some people needs motivations to do so!
Motivation is the key to staying fit. Our motives are highly individual, though, and can even change throughout our lives. So, how can you stay motivated when you hit a plateau or your workout goals have lost their luster?

These tips can help you focus on your end game no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Make Workouts Fun

OK, so you might never look forward to sweating through your spinning class or weight-lifting routine. But adding variety and a few just-for-fun elements can dramatically improve the way you feel about working out. Treat yourself to that cute Fabletics outfit you saw online (The 80s Type also looks really cool). Download some great new songs (KPOP Music) to your iPod. Take to the hiking trails or attend a yoga class instead of hitting the gym. A change of scenery or other diversion can create positive new feelings and take the drudgery out of your routine.

Figure Out the “Why”

*I want to be like her please! I promise i be good, eat healthy and stay fit but first give me that bodyyyyy. I wanted to fit in those size XS too !*

The reason for working out may seem obvious, but finding out what truly motivates you can help you stay energized. Ask yourself a set of “what-if” questions to determine what would happen if you changed your habits for the better. On the other hand, ask yourself what will happen over time if you stay on the same course. Visualizing your health in the long run can help you focus on more realistic, concrete goals than looking like that six-foot-tall model with a runaway metabolism.

Set Yourself up for Success

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: work out in the morning. Not only will you remove the possibility of excuse-making after a long day, but you’ll set the tone for healthy habits throughout the day. Consider writing a health mission similar to a business plan, outlining what you want to achieve and in what time frame. Follow up by creating backup at-home workout plans for lazy or bad-weather days. Rack up bonus points by tracking your workouts in a journal.

Partner Up

Whoever . Your girlfriend/boyfriend, Your grandparent or Even your baby that are still in your belly. Wearing the same athleisure outfit together also make it more fun and motivated Haha.

Whether you pair up with a buddy, sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer, or document your fitness journey on social media or in blog posts (Sharing Tips/Healthy Meal), you’ll gain accountability and a sense of community.

Finally, reinforce your positive feelings about your fitness efforts by indulging in a healthy treat. Take the positivity to the next level by completing a long-overdue non-fitness task and realizing that you have the power to honor commitments.

Hope above tips can help you ~ And well, bye I’m ready to burn those fats off with my partner. #2monstertanstory

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