HongKong DisneyLand !! The Rides and Meet the Disney Character Session! Part 2 !!

Sometimes, you just wonder photo are real important then rides!
When you have the kids with you, not all the rides they can takes.
So camera do the job!
We only have got 3 rides on!

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Cinderella Carousel

Ethan says he want more rides!!
But baby, Jade ah yi will accompany you instead. Hehe!!

Look at the lady who twisted! Yah! They went 
on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride! 😀
Photo taking session with the Disney Characters!!
Minnie mouse
Emilie cant stay without mummy! argh!!
 Mickey Mouse

Winnie the Pooh
The Last ones, Pluto!
Photo session with pluto .
Ethan and Emilie enjoys alot!
Resting time!
Photo session with the monsters!
Emilie woke up looking so stone!
I dont know how to survive in this kind of weather when i saw Emilie napping but so cold.. looking frozen..Couldn’t wait for her to wake up.. to runabout…. having then a pale skin and v red lip..
making me scare ! So not prepared for the weather but lucky got them the winter wear and warmer at least better till.
Ding Dong !!
The sky is falling, everybody is rushing.
Rushing for what?
Rushing for the beautiful firework to comes!
Check out my very last post of disneyland Part 3!!
Thanks for reading my blog.

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