HongKong DisneyLand !! Here we comes! PART 1

HongKong DisneyLand ! Here We comes!!
How do we travel there?!
A little map for you!
**Click it to view even clear**
I’m staying at Kimberley Hotel which is so near to Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 mtr.
This is is the direction to Disney Land.
1. From Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 MTR in *Red Line* to Lai King 荔景 MTR drop off.
2. From Lai King 荔景 MTR *Yellow Line* to Sunny Bay 欣澳 MTR drop off to the last stop.
3. Last Stop at DisneyLand Resort 迪士尼 MTR *Purple Line* !

In disney land resort station.
Super cute mickey head handle.
Little monster was so sleepy but mummy is aching wake up babe!
Sister, Jade and me. 
Finally we reached our destination!!
Thous is raining so we prepared ourself with raincoat from Disneyland.
Kid size ($50HKD/S$8.30) – Adult size ($60HKD/S$10)
 Finally Rain Stop!
Super cold!! zzz! Hand and Finger is frozen!
When the rain is here, The mickey team is here with you! 
Busy Looking at his favorite Disney character.

Musical time ~

 It time for some shopping !

Disney cute bottle! *Must Have* ($105HKD/S$17.50)

Little Monster being a good girl on her stroller – Rented from disney land
**($290HKD/S$48) $200HKD refundable**
My aunt dont know which one to get as both are too cute !!
Mickey on the act.
Payment time with some lucky draw game.
Little monster with uncle william.
Lunch at Corner Cafe.

Another cutie and my cousin Brenda.
It time to get their diaper change and milk filled up.

Super love their baby change room! Super classic and cute!
Mummy that had went there know what i means!
——– > Part 2


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