*It Ended! Awesome Beauty Products Giveaway not just 1 set but 6 sets ! Ends on 2nd Aug’13!!

6 Sets of Beauty Products to be given away?
Will you be 1 of  the winner?
How to win?
Very Very Easy!
Support me by voting in the MakeOver Contest by Lady Jayne &Guardian.

What you have to do is :
Email: LadyJayne@mcpher.com.sg
CC: Prettyday89@yahoo.com.sg

Subject:  Hair Affair Contest 2013
Hi Lady Jayne,
My Favourite  Makeover #31 : Kelynn Lai

Full Name: 
Email address 
Contact number 

Once you done voting, comment below with :

Which sets would you love to win?

Set A – Kate Kanebo BR-2 EyeShadow, Maybelline LipStick (Bold Red & Vivid Coral), Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner (Tangerine Orange &Turqiouse Blue)
Set B –  Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash (Sensitive Skin,59ml), Garnier Aqua Defense Hydrating Essence.
Set C – Nuxe 24hrs soothing and moisturizing Emulsion, 50ml
Set D – Lady Jayne Hair Extension (Highlight, 30cm 3pcs), Maybelline Lipstick (Cheeky Coral,Sugar Pink)
Set E – Garnier Men (Anti Blackheads Brightening ICY Scrub), Cooling Toner, Ice Matte Gel for Oil Control)
 Set F – Belif Sample Kit (First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask,Creamy Cleasing Foam Mist,UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel,The True Cream – Aqua Bomb), Hello Kitty Strawberry Mask,Vanish Power02 Fabric Stain Remover,Loreal (RevitalLift Laser), Legere White-C Revitalizing collagen Essence,(2ml), Mizon(Watermax Aqua Gel Cream),Bio Essence Facelifting Cream(4g), Amethystory(Mineral Aqua Gel,5ml), F&N small notepad, F&N magnet. (All sample pack)

Anyway, by voting me 10 lucky voters also stand a chance to win great attractive prizes too ! 

Contest end on 2nd Aug 2013! So do support me !!
Which means the giveaway ends on 2nd Aug too!
So hurry give me a vote ! Appreciated!!
In case you couldnt find me ?
My make over photo looks like this!

I really wish to win the 1st, it did be a great experience and open eye to be in Cleo Magazine.
So my dearest readers, I needed your help badly !
Thanks you so much!
And good luck in winning the beauty products!! 
and prizes from LadyJayne!



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30 thoughts on “*It Ended! Awesome Beauty Products Giveaway not just 1 set but 6 sets ! Ends on 2nd Aug’13!!

  1. Hi I've voted you! Hope you will win cause You are the prettiest out of the 36 ladys Hahaha. I would like to win Set A. My email is Janice_abby@hotamil.com

    Your friend ,
    Clare CherryBoom

  2. Thanks you dear for your compliments! and thks for be the first to join my giveaway :DDo help me share ya !! Appreciated

  3. Done.

    Name: Bebe

    Email: bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

    Set E

  4. Hi,
    I have voted for you. My name is siong yu and my email is wongsiongyu@gmail.com. i would like to win set f. Thanks and appreciated.

  5. voted! set B pls pls pls 🙂

    name: elizabeth lee
    email: angeltearz90[at]hotmail.com

  6. Voted for you too! The garnier set that I won last time looks great! Do support Kellyn! Hope to win set D 🙂

    Name : Jeremy Wong
    Email :sep_supreme@hotmail.com
    SET D

    All the best!

  7. Done dear. All the best.

    Name: Pang San San
    Email: janepangsansan@hotmail.com
    Set A

  8. Voted!! 🙂
    Name: Oh Hui Zhen
    Email: huizhen849@live.com
    Set: A

  9. Voted!! 🙂
    Name: Koh Jun Jie Jason
    Email: coldkohmew@hotmail.com
    Set: Any Set!!!

  10. Name: Shu Ning
    Email: susu2582@hotmail.com
    Which sets would you love to win?
    Set A !

  11. Hi dear! Thanks your support to me! Im really appreciated! Share around the giveaway so i get more support! 😉

  12. ann

    Name: Ann Lee


  13. Voted. Good luck! 🙂
    Name: Pang Pui Han
    Email: miapph@gmail.com
    Set E

  14. Done, Good luck
    Name : Vincent Lee
    email wlee76@hotmail.com

    Set E for me

  15. Name: Serene Teng

    Email: tengahhuay@hotmail.com

    Which sets would you love to win?

    Set D

    Voted for you in Hair Affair Contest 2013. Gd Luck babe!!

  16. Name:Wingwing
    Email: s-hopit@hotmail.com
    Which sets would you love to win?: Set A please!! Really want the lipstick!!!

  17. Voted you through my 2nd hotmail acc too 😛 stanfine@hotmail.com

  18. Name:Brenda Jiang
    Set C

  19. Name:Lee Yen Yin
    I love to win Set F

  20. Name: Stacey Chua

    Email: ifeelsocharming@yahoo.com

    Set 1 / a Summer's Eve! Thank you!!

  21. Name: Nai Yuit Pei
    Which sets would you love to win?
    Set A.

  22. Name: Shannelle Teo
    Email: shannelle_teo@yahoo.com.sg

    I want to win Set E


  23. Done. Good luck.

    I wish to win set A.

    Name : Wong Siew Hui
    Email : wong_siew_hui@hotmail.com

  24. Set B

    Name: Felicia Teo
    Email: trendy.kiosk@hotmail.sg

    Name: Yu Cheng
    Email: bob22098@hotmail.sg

    Name: Cynthia Teo
    Email: piggy_pig0012@hotmail.com

    Good luck babe ;D
    From: Nom Cynz

  25. Name: Eleen
    Email: eleencheong@yahoo.com.sg

    Would love to win set C! 🙂

  26. Name: Teo Chiu Li Lynna
    Email: kumiko_92_@hotmail.com
    Set A 😀

  27. Hi kelynn, voted! trying out my luck. Would love to win set e for boyfren! Name:Jasmine email:cloud_min90@hotmail.com love to win Set E !

  28. Thanks for this wonderful post, I am glad I discovered this site on yahoo.

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