Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water 神奇生物水 GIVEAWAY.

Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water  神奇生物水 GIVEAWAY.
1 spray that you can use from head to toe! 
Relieve your sensitive skin, reduce eye bags, firm skin with elasticity, whitens  brighten skin and also relieves dryness ; spilt ends of your hair!

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Name 4 of the 20 excellent efficacies ?

  Answer the question and leave the answer below comment in this post. 


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I will choose the 3 best answers!

This giveaway only open for singaporean 😀
It ends on the 15th Jan 2013  extended to 18th Jan 2013, 12pm.
Results of the 3 winners of Bio spring water will be selected over the weekend & will notify by  Email! 😀
So stay tunes!
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Good luck !

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5 thoughts on “Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water 神奇生物水 GIVEAWAY.

  1. Q.Y

    Answers: 4 of the 20 excellent efficacies are:

    1)Moisturizes for lustrous hair (Esp. dryed hair) for Hair

    2)Smoothes skin after treatments for Face

    3)Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin for Body

    4)Soothes diaper rashes for Baby

    Name: Q.Y

    Blog repost link:

    Facebook repost link:!/nina.yang.7773/posts/197861783686975

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  2. I have seen this EVERYWHERE and I have been wondering if I should buy and then I saw this gift away! BUT BUT it's only open for Singaporeans QQ So sad ;_;

    Thanks for the review though, I found it really helpful! <3 The next time I am out I would know what to get for myself =P

    I've followed you on Google Friends Connect and subscribe to you <3 Would be great if you could do the same for me! 😀

  3. Answers: My favorite

    1)Moisturizes my hair
    2)Reduces my Panda eyes
    3)Refreshes my children's face n body
    4)Tighter pores & soften my skin

    Name: Kathy Woon-Tan
    FB repost:

    Hope to hear you!! Thanks

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