7th May 2008 – Day 10 (Rome) After my morning meet with the Pope,  I make my way back to the square to meet up with my arranged tour of the day! I went with Romaround Tour because the lady, Elaine was very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable. After signing up for their Colisuem tour with Roberto (which we bumped into by chance and joined it. Wtf LOL), they gave us a complimentary tour of the Palatino Hill which Elaine made immensly intriguing.… View Post

*WARNING* GROSS PHOTOS AHEAD! . . . . . So I was in Rome when I got myself the BIGGEST, JUICEST Blister in my life. SEE! So painful! I mean it was alright if I didn’t touch it. It was making me limp when I put my socks and shoes on. It was bothering my middle toe because the bloatness was growing into the “personal” space of the middle toe’s! I knew I had to do something after 3 days… View Post

So, nightfall came on Day 10 in Rome (I know I know, I’ve been back for 3 months already and still at day 2 of my Europe Tour!). I had biggggggggggg bubble brewing on my toe. I limped. But there is NO time to be wasted! With my fascination for the word “Popolo” in Rome, of course I had to visit Piazza del Popolo! Such a cute name no? We got off at the Popolo stazione and begun our night… View Post

As so first told to me by Andrea. You know at first when Andrea told me she’s going Rome with Baby Ak, I thought of Rome as a destination I’ll never go. Simply because it’s in Europe and it’s really far away. I’ll never have the money. I’ll never find the time. I’ll never etc etc etc. I was of course, full of envy but happy that they found the opportunity to go. I’m so glad the chance of a… View Post

6th May was my first day in Rome. After an amazing day of exploring the ruins that I’ve heard so much about, we were famished! Our first dinner in Rome, we walked about till we found something that looked good. I can’t remember the restaurant name but it’s just off Termini. Here’s what we had. Duckie had Lasagna. My god it was good but DAMN FILLING – that’s why I hate Lasagna. Hahaha! I know I am contradicting myself. The… View Post

On top of Palantino Hill, once stood the Grand Palace of the Roman Empire, constructed during the Flavian Dynasty. It was the biggest palace ever constructed during the Flavian Dynasty. It reflected the wealth and power of the Roman Empire at its heyday. The floors and walls of this once amazing Palace were all coated with marble. The English word “Palace” came from the name of this Hill – Palatine. Palatine Hill is now a large open air museums for one and… View Post

Early morning at 5am in London, I woke up with a heavy mixture of dread and excitement. Today (6th May 2008), I make my way to ROME. My dream my dream! The amazing Coliseum (Colosseo to the Romans) When I think of Rome, I think of Gladiators and the eternal city’s ancient centre, the ruins that have been immortalised in countless images – the Coliseum. The bloody amazing structure from 2000 years ago and is still standing proudly and arrogantly… View Post

The houses of London! My uncle’s place is near East Finchley. This is where I boarded and alighted from everyday! =) I got lost while ambitiously trying to look for Her Majesty’s Theatre without a map. But good thing I did because I found myself in this little quaint lane! So colourful the buildings huh! OMG! Benefit cosmestics in London!! Ya no big deal but, Benefit!!! A little indoor mall that I stumbled upon… didn’t have time to go in.… View Post

I am so happy with the work done on my teeth. I couldn’t say enough thanks to my uncle! You know how people always say that a smile will define how you look? Now I have a wonderful smile!! So happy!! Today’s (30th April) a rainy rainy day in London. Very cold and super windy. My umbrella was blown in all directions, along with my hair -_-“! We went to the Britsh Museum. It’s a blardy huge place with so… View Post

My auntie made a bloody wonderful and delicious ROAST DINNER on Tuesday, 29th April 2008. She said that they usually have roast dinners on Sundays because roast dinners take a long long time to prepare. She works as a dental nurse with my uncle at the surgery. After my dental appt, I went back with her to see if I could help out steal some receipes. Looking at this picture makes me salivate again!!! Aunty CM made roast potatoes, roast… View Post

Day 2 at London. The first night was pretty bad. I was so sleepy after dinner but my uncle still drove us round town to see the famous sights lighted up in their own lovely way. I was so sleepy that I was practically nodding off! Felt so damn embarrassed about it! It was a good thing I slept as late as possible though, because I was rid of my jetlag very quickly. The next day I was up bright… View Post