Is A UV Steriliser Really Worth It?

This is me. I sterilise my kid’s milk bottles and my breast pump with the usual “traditional” electric steam method. But recently I have been using a more conveniently efficient (IMHO at least) way to sterilise bottles for my baby. While it is A WHOLE LOT MORE EXPENSIVE compared to electric steam sterilisers, many moms like me prefer UV Sterilising to Electric Steam Sterilising and I’m about to share why. I am currently using the 3rd Generation, 2016 model of the Haenim… View Post

Brain Training Enrichment Classes – A Fad Or Does It Really Work?

We’ve been sending our 30 month old child, Daniel, for brain training classes at BrainFit Studios. There were many enrichment classes we have tried before and many more to try but I am glad we chose to send him to Brainfit for one simple reason. We see results. Daniel has achieved so many new milestones after attending this course, and that’s why I’m writing about it here (and also because don’t know why suddenly brain training is so often discussed amongst my mummy friends… View Post

Review: Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

[ADV] Dove recently approached me and asked me to try out their Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash. It caught my interest because it’s apparently suitable for young children too. Most body washes contain cleansing ingredients that attach to the dirt on your skin and get washed away. However these ingredients can also strip the skin of its nutrients during cleansing, causing sensitivity and redness for some people. Mild on Skin but Rich in Nutrients! Dove’s mild formulation does not strip your… View Post

Cute Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe These Baby Photos!

Omigawd this just in! Photos from a recent baby photoshoot taken of Nathen at 1 month old. I was browsing TaoBao casually when I saw heaps of baby photoshoot props and I was so tempted to cart it all and then attempt to DIY my own shoot at home. Thank god I didn’t because what will I do with all those crazy props after the shoot and where will I find time to do the shoot la. I may be… View Post

Kiddylicious Review – wholesome yummy snacks for kids

We just loaded up on snacks for my kid, Daniel. Decided to try out this new brand called Kiddylicious because it brands itself to be a relatively healthier choice for kids. All of the snacks you see here are gluten-free, have no sugar and artificial additives added. Interesting. Let’s give it a taste test. #1: Fruit Wriggles & Wafers Fruit Wriggles are kinda like raisins (dried fruit) but in a longish shape which is interesting to Daniel because he gets to hold… View Post

Review: Barney Live Show @ City Square Mall

School holidays are here and once again, June is a month with heaps of events and activities for kids. You can try to attend all but you’ll wear yourself out for sure! That’s what Peter and I are learning the hard way! Daniel is 2.5 years old now and he has started to appreciate indoor playgrounds and character live shows. We have now become those parents guys!! We go to mall after mall for their kids program! This post is… View Post

Review: Mister Maker & The Shapes LIVE in Singapore

We sang, we danced and we had heaps of fun at Mister Maker’s show today at Downtown East! My 2 year old Daniel is the ultimate fan of CBeebies (he only watches CBeebies!) and one of his favourite show is Mister Maker! We really like how interactive and participative this show was for the kids. There was this part where kids had to crush a coloured paper and put it in the right coloured bin which later became art material… View Post

Literally THE Quintessential Facial

I’ve blogged about this before but it’s been awhile so I decided to bring my camera (and an inquisitive mind) along with me to my next facial appointment at Porcelain Face Spa to bring you this article. I’ve been going to Porcelain Face Spa for like 3 years already (although not as often as I should) and their treatments have significantly contributed to the complexion I have today. While it isn’t perfect (“my complexion is perfect”, said no girl ever!),… View Post

Tips On How To Care For Your Babysafe Latex Bedding

Remember how Daniel had his baby cot amped up with Babysafe Latex Bedding? When Baby Nathen came along, I thought we were all set. Close to the delivery of Nathen, I took out all the bedding and look what I found. :O Oh godddddd. It looked and smelt terrible! I decided to look at the care instructions label again and realised we never bothered with it before. All our fault. 🙁 Here’s what you need to know:  Hand wash with… View Post

Capturing A Moment In Time With Nathen

Nathen, our youngest baby in the family, got his photos taken roughly a week after he was born. We engaged Cottony Photography, the same photographer that took Daniel’s newborn photos 2 years ago. Her style is always very simplistic and elegant. Her props are mostly white, brown, grey – earthy colours. I was in confinement during the shoot so I was very grateful that she came to our house with her huge luggage of props and had the patience to work with… View Post

5 Fantastic Gift Ideas For The Modern, Millennial Guy

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I’d love to give my husband something on behalf of the kids to thank him for pushing boundaries, making sacrifices and becoming a better version of himself everyday for the kids. For all of you out there who is as clueless as me, help is here. Forget the boring and typical gifts for men lists that features things like wallets, laptops, mobile phones, bags, shirts, a meal, etc., you won’t find any of… View Post

Swimming Classes For Toddlers: Our Pick!

Swimming is an important life skill that everyone should have. I have been looking for a good toddler / baby swimming class in Singapore that has classes at a convenient location for us for months now. We finally found it and started swimming lessons at Happy Fish Swim School. Happy Fish has classes for kids from 4 months to 4 years old. Daniel is 28 months now and started the toddler swimming class a couple of weeks ago. They have… View Post