Newborns. They are mad cute. The way they smell, the expressions they make, the sounds they make, their cute little clothes and how nicely they fit in our arms. I surprised myself at how happy I am to be a mom again. Nathen has been an absolute joy to care for and love. As a second time mom, I’m a lot more confident. I’m well prepared and I know which products are good and which I need. I’ve tried a lot of baby products… View Post

With Baby Nathen, this is the second time I am embarking on this breastfeeding journey. When I had Daniel in 2013, I knew I wanted to breastfeed but without prior experience, I learnt a lot of what I know now through trial and error. I’m sharing tips that I’ve benefited from breastfeeding my first born and will also be applying to my second born too. New mums will definitely benefit from this! #1: JOIN BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUPS Feel confident with breastfeeding by connecting with like-minded… View Post

Yes, that’s Daniel now. All grown up! Awwww. And he’s been wearing Merries Diapers recently! Merries. A brand that I’ve always seen at supermarkets but never tried it before. This is my first time trying Merries. And excited I am. They are after all, Japan’s No. 1 diaper brand. Daniel is currently 2 years+ now and to say that he is active would be an understatement. This guy has boundless energy! As you can see, he is so active! Totally tires… View Post

Whenever I have some time, I always swing by a Sephora and who can blame me? Besides the fact that I am a beauty junkie and a huge Sephora fan, Sephora is a mecca for everything cosmetics. With so many brands and so many products in store, shopping there can sometimes take hours and you still won’t be able to try everything (not that I want to ever run out of cosmetics to check out!). Me when there’s a Sephora… View Post

Whether you’re a new mom, or a mom to be, or mom to grown-up kids, motherhood is such a special phase in our lives. Since I just gave birth to my second child, I thought I’ll share a little on the tips my mom has given me to help me prepare for motherhood, TWICE! ☺ I’m sure it’ll be useful tips for first time mummies in Singapore, so read on! ☺ #1: Taking Care Of Yourself #MyMumSays: You must watch what you… View Post

The problems I have with my skin aren’t always visible on photos but people who know me or see me day to day in real life would know that my complexion tends to be very dull at the end of a long day. I wish I looked as fresh as I do like when I just finished applying my make up. But hey, good skin takes work and here’s sharing skincare products and treatments that has worked for me. I have… View Post

Did you know Pigeon carries a range of nutritious snacks for babies? Well I didn’t until I saw it at NTUC! These are actually suitable for babies to chew in their late weaning stage (after 6 months) and it helps to develop and strengthen their jaw muscles. But guess who cannot stop eating it? Yes, my 2 year old Daniel. We discourage his childcare centre to feed him the tea time snacks on their menu because it consists of jam… View Post

In our current era, doing confinement by yourself is getting more and more commonplace. The lack of family support, hassle of hiring help/confinement lady, preference of not living with strangers in the house are just some of the more common reasons driving the uptake of DIY Confinement. Lucky for many, there are a lot of companies who have moved with the times and are now providing services to cater to this upcoming trend. I thought I’ll share some tips on… View Post

We welcomed a new addition to our home just the other day and it has quickly become Daniel’s BFF. With the crazy humid temperatures in Singapore, we have been cutting back a lot of outdoor play time and looking for fun alternatives indoors. Anyhoo, meet happy bull, our new animal bouncer from Happy Hopperz. It’s basically a bouncy animal shaped toy that your child can sit and bounce on. We’ve seen this at many baby exhibitions and was even tempted to buy it… View Post

[This is a belated post] Week 38 now and still baking. Last I saw my gynae, he is pleased that I have only gained 1kg, making my total weight gain till date 14kg… I know. *BIG GASP*. I feel ridiculously clumsy, heavy and fat. I am even inclined to tell you how people lie about the pregnancy glow lol. Seriously, feeling heavy. I have been willing Baby 2 to come out since Week 37! This is me at Week 38.… View Post

I have gained a whopping 14kg till date for this second pregnancy. I feel very self-conscious and embarrassed about how I look. Yes, I am still putting out nice photos of myself but those are nothing like what I feel and look like on a day to day basis. I feel like a ugly fat whale that’s clumsy and unattractive. I didn’t feel radiant or glowing. Instead, I feel swollen, ginormous, tired and utterly uncomfortable. Pregnancy may be one of the… View Post

<ADV> I’m sure many of you have heard of Physiogel. They are the leading sensitive skin brand and expert solution recommended by dermatologists. I’ve always known them for the body creams but they have now developed an advanced face care range that works to soothe sensitive skin. Prevalence of sensitive skin in Asia Did you know, about 1 in 2 women in Asia-Pacific has skin sensitivity issues*? And about 1 in 3 women experience facial redness – one of the most… View Post