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My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (3)

Can you believe it’s the 45th Chingay this year? All the while I know there is Chingay every year but I’ve never witness one before. Only maybe a little glimpse on tv and that’s all. I’ve been to tons of NDP and I thought that was “THE SINGAPORE HIGHLIGHT” and the one one. But I was deadly wrong ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

I was given 2 Day 1 tickets this year, F1 Pit Green Sector and it was price $50 each. And it was my first time knowing that you can actually purchase these tickets to watch them (¬‿¬ ) Call me an idiot for not knowing this, because most of you might have already known this.  But since it’s like $50 per ticket, I thought of actually selling them off cause I wasn’t really interested. But when the day passed and it was only one day before the parade, I realised it will be a complete waste if I don’t go. So I invited a Japanese friend along with me. Thinking he might want to see something uniquely Singapore.

He said “YES!”

So I when ahead meeting him there to catch it. But we did had alittle problem finding each other because he don’t know Singapore well. But we found each other anyways.

Thinking STILL Chingay was just all lit-up floats and people dressed in fancy clothing walking before it started, I really didn’t expect anything WOW!

We made our way to our assigned seats and a goodie bag was prepared on the seats and they also issued another goodie bag when entering, so a total of 2 bags was given. Snacks, drinks, party packs and agenda was inside. Not bad.

Parade started around 8pm and like NDP the MC(s) & motivators were warming up the audience. Soon the first performers came and what make me woke up was…….

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (4)

Yes! Our real PM was there! I thought my tickets were like some sort of preview thingy but later I got to know from my friend, Day 1 is for PM and Day 2 for President. I was OOOOOooo. So both were actual performance and only one will be Live telecast on TV.

I don’t know why, but I felt happy Mr Lee was there. It make it seems so surreal. I think this was the closest I ever got to see him and I was happy. And I told my Japanese friend he was a very lucky man. lol!

With an opening speech by Mr Lee and the parade started with poppers and fireworks.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (5)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (6)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (7)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (8)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (9)

The wind was really strong that day and these guys nailed it! ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (10)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (11)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (12)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (13)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (15)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (16)

My First Chingay 10 FEB 2017 (17)

A 2 hr parade and it was all worth it! ALOT OF FIREWORKS and surprises along the way. There were floats from Associations, different countries like Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Arm Forces, Banks, Singapore Pools and the list goes on. The display was awesome and everyone was orderly.

And thank god it didn’t rain ( ° ∀ ° )ノ゙


Was it worth it?

YES! When you are there you can feel the vibe, something like aliveness that I cannot describe.

If you haven’t been to one LIVE. Try next year 2018, check out their main site CHINGAY

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