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My New Travel Companion . My Delsey Belfort

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (20)

Travelling is all about preparations

And preparations includes:

  • Air tickets
  • Lodging
  • Itinerary
  • Travel Essentials

To me everything can be arranged by a travel agency / third party but not your travel essentials. So having the right things to bring along your trip is very very important ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

The most import travel essential to me is having the RIGHT LUGGAGE (≧ω≦)ゞ Because that is basically your mobile wardrobe and storage when you travel. And trust me, you really don’t want your belongings inside to be wreaked when it’s being handled in the airport.

Being a frequent traveler for already 4 years in a row, I realised it is really really important that you invest in a good luggage. Because a good luggage will save you alot of hassle that you might encounter during a trip.

Problems like:

  • Having too much loose baggage because of too much shopping
  • Having good skills to maneuver the luggage if the wheels isn’t smooth
  • Protecting your belongings inside the luggage which might be damage due to harsh throwing in the airport baggage facilities
  • Mobilizing yourself with a luggage
  • and many more…

Rewinding to 4 years back, I had never paid attention in investing a good luggage and I was always attracted to cheap and cute luggage you might see online or in some luggage shops. The price are probably S$100 or less and they just had the power to lure you to get one. But after awhile, you’ll realise that your money is put to a waste as they have a really short lifespan and most of them do not offer any warranty. So it’s probably a buy and throw away kind of scenario.

What made me switched my mind to invest in a decent luggage was my virgin trip to Paris 2 years ago. At that time, the airline I was flying on restricted that each passenger is to have only 1 check-in baggage and I was reluctant at that time to pay more to get additional check-in baggage. So, I thought that it was time to get a proper reliable luggage to roam the streets of Paris. I walked in to the luggage department in one departmental store and just shopped aimlessly. Because at that time, I seriously do not know which brand was good and there were too many choices. And yes, budget was a constraint too. What struck my head was to find the lightest luggage, as I had only 25kg luggage allowance, I wanted the luggage to be light enough so I can buy more things in Paris ┏(`ー´)┛

I picked up a few brand names and models and went home to do some researched and I finally nailed one down

Delsey Helium 69cm 

Delsey is a renowned French luggage brand and the Helium series at that time won the lightest luggage in the world. And furthermore it came in my favorite shade of pink! O(≧▽≦)O And it was THE PERFECT LUGGAGE for my trip. And I was very contented with my purchase.

Last year, I decided to get another Delsey because I was going on a trip to Tokyo with my bf and I needed alot of luggage space. And I was lucky enough that Delsey released some new models that month and I fell right straight in love ♡ with the Belfort series.

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (14)

Why I chose Delsey Belfort 76cm Upright 4 Wheels Trolley Luggage, because it has:

  • 4 Wheel Trolley, simply means I can push the luggage horizontally without tilting it
  • Comes with 5 years International Warranty
  • Made of 100% Polypropylene (The Most Shock Resistant Material)
  • Silent Wheels
  • Comes in my favorite BRIGHT RED
  • Estimate to be able to store 6 pairs of Shoes, 20 Shirts, 8 Trousers, 3 Coats and 2 Toiletries Bags
  • Weights 4.9kg
  • Dimension of it is just nice for me to manage. H71.5cm*L52cm*E30cm
  • Good price tag below S$400. My retails at S$379
  • TSA combination lock


Struggling in choosing the right luggage? Let me give you some tips!

Here’s how I made my choice…

Questions to ask yourself when getting a luggage:

  1. Type of trip? If it’s shopping, then get the large or extra large size luggage
  2. Color preference
  3. Heavy duty or light duty?
  4. Price budget
  5. Type of closure. Zip or Clip?
  6. Hard or Soft case?
  7. Number of wheels. 2 or 4?
  8. Luggage weight
  9. Warranty period
  10. Material type

With these questions, you will more or less know what you want and it makes it easier for sales personnel to help you too.


I can’t express how much I love my Delsey Belfort 76cm, it has been 3 months already and it’s still looking good. So let the pictures show you why I am so contented with this wise choice ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (1)

Helium vs Belfort before my trip to Tokyo


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (2)

The Belfort contains belongings of 2 person. And you see I still have so much room!


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (3)

Both Polypropylene luggage withstand the harsh airport handling and arrived safely in Tokyo (*´・v・)


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (5)

The super BRIGHT RED just stands out in the crowd and I am very happy with it (^∇^


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (6)

Helium vs Belfort


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (8)

Dimension of luggage is Escalator Safe


Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (9)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (10)

Luggage able to withstand my weight too!

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (11)

Luggage is OK for petite people like me ( ̄▽)


And did you know while traveling, I spotted vintage Delsey and I WAS IMPRESSED how long the material can last!

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (18)

This shows your money is well invested!


And ever since buying this Belfort it traveled with me to these places too apart from Tokyo (@^^@)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (12)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (13)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (15)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (16)

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (17)


So planning on travel soon?  


Why not take this opportunity to invest in a good luggage like I did too! Trust me it will ease alot of your travel pains.

Look what I brought back from my Tokyo Trip!

Delsey Belfort 4 Wheel Spinner Case 76cm Red (19)

You can always check out Delsey Singapore Facebook for more promo

Hope this article helped you in deciding the right luggage for your travel. Trust me a good luggage goes a long way ε=┏(・ω・)┛

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2 Responses to “My New Travel Companion . My Delsey Belfort”

  1. Shen Says:

    I am afraid you are wrong!
    I bought a Belfort in Nov 2015. When I took it out of my store room in July 2016, the top handle fell off. It had never been used. It was only bearing the weight of the brand-new empty suitcase. Delsey HK told me that the problem had been resolved in the new Belfort Plus, on sale since January 2016. So they knew the problem when they were putting the old model on sale. Delsey refused to refund!
    I wish you good luck that the handle does not fall off when you are travelling.
    Beware of Delsey sales!

  2. Jpglicious Says:

    @Shen that’s bad. I had my damaged by the airline and I gave my old Belford to them in exchange for a full compensation.

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