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Mymi Wonder Patch Belly Wing and Lower Body Review

Mymi Wonder Patch (1)

Bought these out of curiosity and desperate to tone up my tummy from but got BACKFIRED!



Yes! I saw this and the patch sounds quite convincing esp when you see this youtube video

Well sounds legit! Popular in Korea as said on the website and it does claim it has the authenticity label to guarantee it the real deal!

Mymi Wonder Patch (2)

This is the authenticity seal that must be available on all the Mymi products you purchase and each claims to have it’s unique code so it’s REAL! I didn’t bother to scratch off mine cause it looks legit to me. So I just proceeded testing the products.

The adhesive of the Belly Wing was really strong and you really need to paste it step by step like as shown in the video. NO SHORTCUT!

Mymi Wonder Patch (3)

Well, it heats up alittle and it’s thin enough so you can just wear anything above it, no one will notice. So I left it on me for the whole 8 hrs of work hours and after work I’ll peel it off. But as I said the adhesiveness of the patch is really strong it left my tummy red like lobster….(|||❛︵❛.)

Mymi Wonder Patch (8)

This pic is taken in dim evening sunset light so you still can see the redness. And in reality it’s even REDDER!

Thought it was like something I cannot avoid, I continued the product for few more days and I realised I should STOP!

Mymi Wonder Patch (4)

Same picture but this time I circled the are that caused me total DISCOMFORT!

My skin was so badly damaged due to the the adhesiveness of the patch it left my skin red and dry and this 4 circled areas. And the redness of the skin cause so much itchiness!((╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ))

My skin develop a bad rash due to over dryness of the skin and it spread to different parts of my body too… Didn’t take any picture cause I was feeling damn LOW at that point…

This below pic shows the flaking of the skin after I took 1 week of medicine and applied cream!

Mymi Wonder Patch (5)

It left my skin scaling like some llalang plant! ARGH! (#ಠQಠ#)


This is not all… I also bought the lower body patch too. Well, this adhesiveness wasn’t as strong as the belly wing so it did not damage to my legs. And it emits ZERO HEAT… Seriously, ain’t they the same patch only different sizes?

Mymi Wonder Patch (6)

I only bought one pack of the lower body ones so it was used up quickly and I had alot of the tummy one left so I decided to cut it in to small pieces and this time only sticking it on the problem area like my BUTT!




Mymi Wonder Patch (7)

I got alot of stretch marks, mainly because I guess I gain and loose weight only on that area very fast… That’s why stretch marks are form right? Anyway, that is where I paste the trimmed belly wing patch and the dotted light which supposed to mark the end of the patch top and bottom left me a HORRIBLE SCAR FOR 3 MONTHS!

The adhesive level of this is as strong as how I felt when I used it on the tummy. When I pull it off, it made that area red! And yes and it scared my butt line! ARGH! Even my bf said it was BAD!


This really taught me a valuable lesson! THERE IS NO SHORT CUT TO SLIMMING! AND THESE STUPID POPULAR PATCH FROM KOREA ARE JUST RIP OFF! It left me spending me S$200 plus to see doctor for my skin and made me avoid “shorts-less & bikini” FOR 3 MONTHS! DAMN!

I am still unsure if the stupid product I purchase is real or not. But who ever is selling them and still killing other girls out there you should be bar in JAIL MAN!

I still have the packaging with me. If anyone wants that to verify for me by all means. Anyway, some local bloggers are endorsing it too! So just don’t bloody fall into this shortcut way to get slim!




Few sites selling just FYI:

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22 Responses to “Mymi Wonder Patch Belly Wing and Lower Body Review”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Haha your review is so funny!! I was gonna buy these patches… U should try the ” It Works” patches but they’re so expensive…. I was trying to find an alternative. Keep up the blogging. U are quite entertaining

  2. Jpglicious Says:

    Thanks @Jacqueline I guess really there is no such short cut by pasting things on your body to BURN FATS. I gave up!

  3. Heidi Says:

    I bought 5 from wish , used 3rd tonight, this one is major burning?! Feel like wanna rip off but want flatter abs at same time lol. These wasn’t in any original box but have mymi written all over them. Not sure if they work , haven’t used long enough. Will see eh? Lol…. Desperate measures for the summer….. LOL

  4. Jpglicious Says:

    @Heidi GOSH! Are you alright now? I suffered from dry itchy skin for WEEKS!

  5. Dean Says:

    Oh hmm thanks to you i cancelled my plan on buying the mymi products;-; omg i read about the redness on the tummy on instagram but uhm i wasnt sure about it, but now look at the damage it caused on your beautiful skin;-; good thing you stopped :( and your review is so cute and honest- well yay well said gurl!

  6. Jpglicious Says:

    @Dean just a lab rat that gone through the agony of trying to stay slim in a shortcut way and it’s my responsibility as a beauty blogger to warn like mind people. The recovery process it’s fun at all to being with.

  7. fem Says:

    is it effective ?

  8. Jpglicious Says:

    Nope! @fem

  9. Hideki Joshua Says:

    Sorry to say but this review was really funny!! Thanks for sharing anyway! I had a good read :)

  10. Nyx Nyx Says:

    Uh, that’s bad. Thanks for sharing this!
    Xoxo, Nyx

  11. Kelly Says:

    I bought some of these from eBay and they were fakes! They were just stickers! They didn’t heat up at all. I feel dumb!

  12. Jpglicious Says:

    @Kelly , I guess not everything is suitable to purchase online. Lesson learnt for our case :-(

  13. Tola Says:

    Wow! I was just planning to purchase mine. Thank God i haven’t, would have really been upset. I have actually tried a lot of stuffs.

  14. Kelsie Says:

    I ordered mine from the wish app but of coarse it is all in a diff lang . How long do i leave it on ? I’ve had it on about 3 hrs and barley feel a burn !

  15. Jpglicious Says:

    @Kelsie I think I left it for 6 hours and my DID heat up… Is there an authenticity seal?

  16. mocha Says:

    I just received mine in the mail today. I’m going to try them because my experience could be different. I will let you know if they worked for me. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Jpglicious Says:

    Hope it won’t end up like my case @mocha (*Prays)

  18. Jess Says:

    Please help!!! I bought these and got the red burning feeling. How do you make it stop??? Do I have to see a doctor?

  19. Jess Says:

    Please help!!! I have really bad red all over my stomach. I’ve relieved the itch with aloe gel but I don’t know what else I should do

  20. Autumn Says:

    The one I tried left stick stuff all over my tummy. I’m afraid to try again. I had to use a nail scrub brush and rubbing alcohol to get it off and it burned and irritated my skin doing that. It is like a giant bandaid sticky film left behind


  21. Jpglicious Says:

    @Autumn it’s a horror!

  22. Leeanne Says:

    Its ripped a layer of skin off my belly…the rest are going in the bin

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