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♥February 22nd, 2017♥



JUST IN: Approx. 4 hours ago, a snapshot of a naked Chinese guy walking along Bt Batok West Ave 3. Reason of why he was butt naked is still unknown but alot of netizens commented it’s because Singapore was too stressful that lead to public stripping. This fact is not surprising as Singapore is known to be one of the most stressful countries in the world. With high cost of living and high work demands. Public stripping is also commonly known as a sypmtom when a person is suffering from mental illness. Sufferers develop a kind of disorganised behaviour that makes them react or do things that are opposite of a normal being e.g. shouting in public, muttering and dashing into a busy road.

Some netizen also tried to bring some humour to this image by saying he might be the “Terminator descending to earth😢

But we all know, people doing things out of the norm are people that are not okay. So let’s all not make our surroundings so stressful, try exercising and deep breathing. If it’s too hard to handle don’t be afraid to seek professional help from the doc. Stay healthy🤓


by Jpglicious

♥February 18th, 2017♥



See this you also gian lah~ Imagine all those taobao things you can sweep at dirt cheap price during the sale. But well well well, this is basically our brains giving us super positive thoughts to this. And the whole experience isn’t really what I expected it to be….

Guess my bro got this news from some either Ezbuy site or some circulating article on social media.


Very attractive headlines and ezbuy leh… So he jio my mum to go with him and I wanted to go lunch so I tagged along too. But I really wanted to just zuo kpo got what to see. And note it’s 100% cash sales only so no cash no goods.

After lunch we arrived there at 12:05 and there was super a lot of cars being part at the side of the walkway and majority of them already had a summon ticket by the LTA😥  And my mum was the one saying “Siao sia, the guy summon hit quota liao, anyhow summon” seeing there was no violation of traffic rules parking there. I didn’t pay much attention on that but we alighted first when we saw a f*king long q already on the side walk. Like… WAD?!


So nevermind, since come liao just Q. But we saw a board written Q here waiting is 3 hrs….. (*ignore cos I’m sure can go in fast)

We were urshered to the next waiting zone right outside the warehouse and I did a FB LIVE but the Malay security threathen to do something to my phone if I don’t stop… like what the hell? Bottomline NO PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO CALLS he said… 🖕🏻He was fking rude!

We waited for a good 15-20min at that area and then proceed to another stupid waiting area and another again which total I Q for 1.5hrs in total to get in the sale zone…

Q area looks like this:


I’m now at the zone where I am next to go to the sales zone.

Anyway you will be separated into batch of 40-ish people and you are only able to spend 30 min in the sales zone to shop. No extension. When you are waiting they will use a loud hailer to announce some pre-recorded rules and regulations and in between you will hear alot of siren/alarm notice from the loud hailer to tell customer time is up etc and it is FKING IRRITATING. Cos it goes off so many god darn times I’m about to break the shelves😠.

The sales zone has 4 sections ($1,$5,$12 & Odd price items). Payment must be made in individual sections and a paid sticker will be issued and pasted on your purchase. Recycle bags are offered at $1 if you forgot to bring your own bag.

Basically it’s a waste of time cause everything is in a plastic open top container and you will be like “lou hei-ing” when you go there. And worse of all is the bulky items side are not labled and mostly in boxes. And god knows what is in there👎🏻

Anyway 3 of us spend 10 min inside and off we go. Bought a plastic drawer for $8 and that’s all.



I suggest is a NO GO! Cause you can shop somewhere else with this kinda selection easily. Price wise… Taobao things SG price… you do your maths.

But still if you DIE DIE want to go then here’s my advice. I highly suggest if you have car, get someone to wait in the car cause there is NO PARKING except for the nearby coffee shop and DHL parking is not open for public. Cause LTA is on standby. If you have weak nose or prone to allergy. Better wear a face mask and take anti-histamine before going. It’s DUSTY!

And only if you have all the time in the world to waste, if not don’t even think of going to kpo cos I did that and wasted 2 hours of my youth doing that and I regretted!

Overall you will waste transportation $, time, patience and expectations if you go to this sale.

This sale is till Sunday 19th 2017 if you die die want to go see. GOOD LUCK!

by Jpglicious

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