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♥February 28th, 2017♥



It’s been 5 years with My Fat Pocket and let’s travel back in time when I just join their team as a Resident Blogger. Here I was back in 2012 and I made a video to celebrate this momentヾ(☆▽☆)

Actually I did this intro in 3 languages lol! Here’s the post: My First Official Video Log for MFP^^

And time flies…. Just like a snap on the finger. I was a really active blogger when I joined and for the next 3 years I was a person that love to share to my readers my daily live aboard and things around me. Until 2 years ago, I became very ill, that’s when I slow down on my blogging contributions and I became lost to the world of self-expression. I hide myself and I ended abandoning this precious space where I use to jot down all my life.

Frustrations, desperate, eager, jealousy and lost. Because by the time I came back here, there were tons of bloggers already snatching your empty spot to get into the limelight. And soon, all these setbacks made me ponder am I up for this as a full-time career.

Having said all these. I decided that it’s time to build up my own blogging career from the way I want it to be. And this is my last day with My Fat Pocket, it’s great to have an agency that brings you to people and opportunities you can never thought of. And they showed me that it was possible to have blogging as a full-time career as I did see how things and mindset of the world has been changing and not like 5 years back where blogging was just a personal thing.

My new site isn’t up yet as I’m so piled with traveling and studying.

So watch out my Social medias for updates. And I can’t wait to show you all what I have put together for you on my new site ヾ(^ω^*)


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by Jpglicious

♥February 22nd, 2017♥



JUST IN: Approx. 4 hours ago, a snapshot of a naked Chinese guy walking along Bt Batok West Ave 3. Reason of why he was butt naked is still unknown but alot of netizens commented it’s because Singapore was too stressful that lead to public stripping. This fact is not surprising as Singapore is known to be one of the most stressful countries in the world. With high cost of living and high work demands. Public stripping is also commonly known as a sypmtom when a person is suffering from mental illness. Sufferers develop a kind of disorganised behaviour that makes them react or do things that are opposite of a normal being e.g. shouting in public, muttering and dashing into a busy road.

Some netizen also tried to bring some humour to this image by saying he might be the “Terminator descending to earth😢

But we all know, people doing things out of the norm are people that are not okay. So let’s all not make our surroundings so stressful, try exercising and deep breathing. If it’s too hard to handle don’t be afraid to seek professional help from the doc. Stay healthy🤓


by Jpglicious