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I was first introduced to Dr Oatcare through a friend of mine who is lactose intolerant. And since I’m mad about Oats, she recommended it to me. I always consume cereal or oat drinks as my snack or tea break to fill my tummy or whenever I’m rushing out. When I need to have a meal in a hurry, I treat it as a meal replacement.


Dr Oatcare is 100% natural with no additives, no preservatives and no additional flavouring. It helps to lower your cholesterol as well as balance your blood sugar level so it’s definitely a healthier option even if it’s replacing your meal. It is made from a blend of nutritious oat (Montana embryo oats + 17 organic seeds +9 mixed nuts) and it is also safe for children since it’s all high in calcium and nutrients.

I was initially worried that it will taste very bland but to my surprise I was wrong! It’s actually pretty fragrant especially with the mixed nuts and it tastes superb.


It comes in a box of 30 sachets!




And…… TADAH I’m going to introduce to you guys my new favourite as well, Dr Q!


Dr Q is also as tasty, I seriously love both of them! It doesn’t taste bland but it doesn’t have added sugar as well.

Dr Q is specially formulated for woman and is high in iron from beet root and the best part is that it’s multi grain with COLLAGEN!!! Anything that screams collagen, I’m definitely in love with it because having baby butt smooth skin is every girl’s dream right?!


Dr Q comes with premium Quinoa grains, Chia seeds, coconut oil, almond nuts, beetroot and collagen.



I’ve recently been very health conscious and kinda aspiring to be a fitness junkie. So I’m really into anything which is healthy and yet nutritious for me. And since Dr Q is Low in calorie content, it’s perfect for me! Also, by drinking Dr Q or Dr Oatcare it actually helps with your workout routine too.

Recently, I have been counting my daily intake macros and micros to keep my body fit and healthy. Macronutrients are nutrients, for example carbohydrates and protein, our bodies need to create energy to fuel our system for daily activities. Micronutrients are nutrients that aid our bodies in producing essentials (think hormones and enzymes etc.) for our bodies’ wellbeing. Thus, I HAVE to make my calories count and not take rubbish food to waste my calories.


I am more than willing to spend those calories on Dr Q and Dr Oatcare as they are definitely worth it. How so? Consuming a chocolate bar with the same calories as a sachet of Dr Q would not get me as much protein and vitamins as compared to drinking a cup of hot and fresh Dr Q. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend Dr Q and Dr Oatcare if you are looking towards a better, fit body and healthy lifestyle.


Did I mention that Dr Q and Dr Oatcare has amazing mixability?

On top, we have Dr Q,. How appealing and attractive is that pink colour??? Above Dr Q is  Dr Oatcare, you can spot those healthy seeds that are going into your tummy. Just a few quick stirs, and you’re good to go. Perfect for driven people having packed schedules and have to make time count. those healthy seeds that are going into your tummy. Just a few quick stirs, and you’re good to go. Perfect for driven people having packed schedules and have to make time count.


Now, Dr Oatcare and Dr Q comes together in a bundle pack! How great is that?! No more dilemma and indecisiveness, since both are going into my tummy and boost my health from now onwards. Go grab yours now at and start a healthier diet today!

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