Finally got my hands on Coco&Eve’s ‘Like A Virgin’ hair mask! It’s only been a week since I’ve used it and it’s gonna stay as my favourite hair mask!




I received my hair mask in a really pretty box which includes a tangle tamer as well. I’ve been bringing it everywhere especially when I travel because it’s in a cute little egg shape which can be squeezed into my bag.




Fun fact about me: I dislike and I don’t have the habit of combing my hair because it’s just too troublesome for me??

I travel pretty often and my hair gets really dry and frizzy. But I’ve no idea why, I’m in love with this tangle tamer and now I kinda do have a habit of combing my hair. Recently, the trips I’ve made were mostly to beaches and holy my hair is in a bad state being all ‘beach hair’ which is not something I really fancy.

Coco&Eve ‘Like a Virgin’s’ mask is such a life saver for restoring my hair back to its silky smooth state especially when I travel to beaches. The only thing which bothers me is the weight of the hair mask. I mean, it isn’t really that heavy but if I’ve to nitpick about something I dislike about the mask, it can only be that the size of the mask is abit difficult for me to carry around. However, the mask is that amazingggggg, I don’t mind sacrificing some of my strength.



Like a Virgin’ 5-in-1 hair mask uses 2 key ingredients represented by Coco & Eve, Raw virgin coconuts and Figs, which are both known for their hair performing qualities. It revives parched, frizzy hair and deeply conditions to replenish lost moisture to hydrate those damaged tresses. It also maintains the volume of your hair while improving its texture to silky, shiny smooth hair. I’ve tried other hair mask which is good as well, but it doesn’t keep my hair’s volume while restoring it to its silky smooth state.


The best part about the hair mask is that Coco & Eve is %100 vegan and cruelty free, it doesn’t contain any parabens, sulphates, phthalates, or gluten as well. Sulfates are the one which give your hair products foam and lather but it may cause skin irritation and thus, damage you hair as well.



Below are before and after of using the hair mask for only once. JUST LOOK at how amazingly smooth my hair is ANDDDDDDDD I didn’t even blow dry, so can you guys imagine if I blew dry it.



I don’t recommend stuffs that are not good, and I swear upon this hair mask  and I highly recommend you guys to try it out! Now, we can all have silky smooth hair in just one wash.

Promotion: Enjoy a 25% off on their next masque purchase. You will find a URL at the bottom of the tube, which entitles you to the discount.

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