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What comes to your mind when you come across botox and fillers? It could be sharp needles poking into your skin, writhing in excruciating pain whilst being unable to move, or maybe even saggy skin a few years down the road. For the imaginative ones, you might even picture middle aged woman with drooping facial features due to plastic surgery or something similar in your head. That’s the stereotypical mindset most people will have regarding this topic. I must admit what I had in mind wasn’t too different. After my first experience, my perspective did alter. This time, thanks to Astique Cosmetics, I now have clearer understanding of botox and fillers. Not to forget an enchanted experience as well.


(Above, is a photo of me and Dr. Ng Hong Yi before I started my procedure!)



Botox’s full name is Botulinum Toxin which is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It’s the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. In short, doctors use it to combat against medical problems, for example, over reactive bladder and severe underarm sweat excretion. Small doses are used in botox so there is nothing to worry about despite the fact that toxins are generally harmful.



Botox injections work by weakening or paralysing certain muscles or by blocking certain nerves. The effects last about three to twelve months, depending on what you are treating. Different people have different jaw structures and expectations, and, therefore each individual would need more or less units depending on them. The most common side effects are pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. However, as I’ve mentioned I did not undergo any of this and was completely fine. Many of you might wonder, “Since it’s a toxin would it kill me??”, I guess it might if you are using it excessively and if it is not administered by a medical practitioner. It treats non-cosmetic medical illness too, so it isn’t a bad thing!

So basically, whenever we chew, our jaw muscles are working and over time, those muscles become really strong and we do not want that.  So Botox helps to partially paralyse the muscles. You can feel it for yourself by placing your hand near the jawline below your ear and clenching your teeth and relaxing them. The part that bulges out is where the doctor will do the injection.



Initially, that was my main concern and not whether it would be painful or not. So far, I’ve never heard anyone with side effects of botox and since it’s been weeks, neither did I experienced a tad bit of discomfort. However, that could be due to the dosage or the amount that was injected too. I only wanted a subtle difference as I do not like those unnatural look, neither do I wanna look “shock all the time” where you face is like super expressionless and stiff. Perhaps, the worst could be abit more bruising at the area which were injected.


I have to honestly admit that the entire process wasn’t painful at all!!! (Perhaps due to my high threshold of pain). Numbing cream was applied 30 minutes before the procedure although it only numbs the top layer of the skin and does not numb your muscles. Hence, I could feel the needles when the doctor was doing the injection, however, there really wasn’t any pain involved. I did ask one of my friend who tried fillers before and she rated the pain to be 3/10 (AND MIND YOU, SHE IS SUPERRRR AFRAID OF PAIN AND NEEDLES) – so I guess it isn’t that bad after all?

During the process, however, if you do feel any pain, do communicate and sound it out to your doctors. Let them know any prior allergies if you experienced any before. Each individual might have different effects and pain thresholds, so it’ really varies from one to another. Nevertheless, I’m still pretty confident there wouldn’t be any problem UNLESS you’re injecting an excessive dosage.


(While waiting for the numbing cream to set in before starting the procedure)



The procedure of the botox took me 10 minutes at most and my fillers, another 10 minutes as well (excluding the waiting time for the numbing cream). So all in all, my entire procedure was an hour max. The consultation took roughly 15 minutes (depending on the doctor’s availability), but it should not take you longer than 2 hours in the clinic. Therefore, you need not take a day off from work or whatsoever.


Basically, I was first brought for a consultation with Dr. Ng (15 mins)-> 15 mins brief and walkthrough+ decision making -> 30 mins numbing cream -> 10 mins botox -> 10 mins fillers : 1 hour 20 mins) – If you are excluding fillers than probably 1h 10mins. However, this are just rough estimates of timing.



(Injecting some chin fillers would allow you to have a more defined and v shaped face!!)



I did had some slight bruising this time for a couple of days but it eventually fade away. So if you’re wondering if there would be a if hole on your face, fret not, the needles are really fine. Plus, I’ve pretty sensitive skin and therefore I was kinda surprised I didn’t looked like some lobster or whatever!! Thanks to Dr. Ng’s skills!


(As you can see from the picture, there isn’t anything obvious that you can see! The bruised only came the day after but it wasn’t that bad)



I was told that it would take roughly 2 weeks after injection for the Botox results to be visible. As for fillers, you can see its effects instantly. However, do bear in mind that for the first few days, the fillers are still soft and mouldable, so be gentle when you are touching the area where you’ve got fillers injected!




(2 months after the procedure!! And even without make up I look perfectly fine!)


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