Holla! I’m back to share with all of you some good news. Valentine’s Day is nearing the corner and I cant wait to celebrate it with my loved one!!! If you don’t know what to get for your other half, I’ve a solution for you. It is the new CASIO TR MINI! !!


Ain’t it pretty as a Valentine’s day gift?


The CASIO TR MINI is so compact and thus making it easy to carry it around. It looks exactly like a compact powder and I’m sure most females would love it. It wouldn’t look too weird if you take your selfies outdoors since it camouflages and look like a compact powder, so people might just think you’re touching up your makeup.


The best part of this camera isn’t only about the size but the beauty mode. I’m sure everyone takes selfies be it whether females or males for memory sake, but selfies are not as simple as it is. To perfect a selfie, it could be quite tough to some individuals. So how do you get a proper selfie?

The CASIO TR MINI work wonders, and you would be surprised by the functions that this mini camera could offer. Basically you need not bother editing your photo using beauty apps!! How great is that??

The CASIO TR MINI has six sets of beauty settings : “skin tone, “smooth skin”, ”face brightness”, “sculpting”, “dark circles remover” and “slim face” which enhances your look even if you do not have any make-up. Want to take a selfie with NO make-up on? CASIO  MINI could definitely do that job!


I used 2 different modes for this collage and you could choose according to what type of selfies you wanna achieve! The first and second photo was on make up mode, the third and fourth is on natural mode, but I flipped the camera the other way which makes the ring lights reflect the light on the other areas of my face.

How versatile can it be right?!

Talking about how the surrounding lights can affect the picture, I took various selfies under different kind of lighting. This photos were taken with direct pink neon lights on my face, however with the aid of the ring lights, it changes my skin tone to less pinkish. I tried using my smartphone and I just looked like a PINK PANTHER!!!!



Selfie taken under white light



Selfie taken under orange lighting


As you can see, different lightings affects the background image of the picture, however due to the ring lights, the face colour still appears the same, just like when it was taken under the influence of white light. Hence, it does not changes the outlook appearance but only surrounding colours.

On the contrary, an image taken by the iPhone would not reflect the same image as seen below.

The one using the iPhone would look really dark and there isn’t any light reflected on the face which changes the entire outlook(as shown below).

Also, not only can you take selfies with beauty mode but it could be used for videos too. Isn’t it great that you can beautify your face while taking videos too? I swear it’s the best for taking make up tutorials!

The CASIO TR MINI also offers very fanciful colours!


YES! This is the best Valentine’s Day gift any girl can received!


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