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GoFunShoes Augmented Reality Shoes Try-on App

GoFunShoes AR Shoes Try-On App has brought online shoes-shopping purchasing to a whole new level!

When we do online shopping from different platforms, especially the ones from overseas, we can only visualize in our mind how the items would look like they arrived. Every purchase is kinda like a gamble (at least to me). I’d always ponder whether or not it fits or looks nice on me? We will never know until the items are here 🙁

With the aid of technologies, we can now shop footwears all the way from Taiwan, using the GoFunShoes Augmented Reality (AR) Shoes Try-on App to give you a rough idea of how they will look like wearing them!


Simply download the app “Gofunshoes”


When you click on the app, you will come to this page. Simply scroll all the way right~


And you will find yourself at this page!

First up!!! Lady’s Flats from ILR


Love the floral prints on this lovely pair. It’s easy to match with basics and it’s good for shopping day! It’s also a great choice for rainy days since it’s waterproof and fashionable at the same time. This ballet-style shoe is water repellent, breathable, lightweight and bright in colour. The sole is able to absorb moisture to keep my feet dry and comfortable! The inner lining of the shoe is also covered with microfiber to improve comfort while the rebound technology on the outsole creates a lightweight, soft cushion effect when you walk!



Check this out! This is so fun and cute!!! Have fun viewing ILR Lady’s Flat virtually through different angles too!

Click link here to download Try-On AR app: https://bit.ly/3hARm7W

I fell in love with the app right away!


The actual shoes. Fortunately, this looks better than in the AR app. It’s also great that I’ve already had an idea how it would look on me 🙂 This is just awesome isn’t it!!


Can’t help but try it on!


Original retail price of Lady’s Flats is SGD60 but it’s now selling at SGD48 on Sample Store.
Click link here to purchase: https://bit.ly/2Vb5bR5

Next up, this one is my ultimate favourite and boy it fits me perfectly!


Momentanee is a Taiwanese footwear brand founded by a Taiwanese couple who was in pursuit of perfect and comfortable high heels. Made of black suede leather with transparent mesh, the Daisy emphasizes luxury and elegance!

This exquisite pair is a handmade designer shoe for weddings and is great as dress shoes!

The height is just nice in my opinion and I love that it’s lightweight.

I can walk in it the whole day as the mesh allows ventilation and comfort.


It looks like this in the AP App.
Try it virtually and share the try-on photos with your friends and family!
Click link here to download Try-On AR app: https://bit.ly/2Qp2pF1


When they reached me, I was immediately in love.
The quality is indeed amazing~
Soft leather with soft in-soles — that’s what I seek for in a perfect pair of shoes!


And can we take a minute to take a check the sole out?

Original retail price of Daisy is SGD310 but it’s now selling at SGD210 on Sample Store. There are limited quantities and sizes available so act quick!

Click link here to purchase: https://bit.ly/310DWfN

For those who are interested in getting a pair of covered flats:
BESO Plaid Bowknot is a one to invest in!



The BESO Plaid Bowknot Flat Shoes are suitable for corporate ladies who would like to look chic and professional, but yet, classical and cute at the same time.


The favourite part of this pair is that it has a leather lining and breathable insole to keep my feet dry all day. And the cool thing is that it strengthens arch support. Very value-for-money for a pair like that!

What’s more is that the plaid bow and classic small checks give off a simple yet playful attitude, making it easy for me to change out of work attire and into “play attire”. Won’t you agree with me on this? ^^


How they look on the try-on app. You too can try Beso Plaid Bowknot Flat Shoes virtually by downloading the Try-On AR app.
Click link here to download Try-On AR app: https://bit.ly/3gw1j59


Look at those insoles though. It is indeed as comfortable as it seems~
Walking on cloud 9, yesss sir!


Picking my shoes to head out and I guess this fits!


The original retail price of Beso Plaid Bowknot Flat Shoe is SGD112.50 but it’s now selling at SGD105.50 on Sample Store!

Click link here to purchase: https://bit.ly/2AGCZOY (limited quantity and sizes. While stock lasts!)

Last but not least, a must-have for all corporate ladies!
ASO Sweetie High Heels


The height of the heels are just nice for those who travel around for meetings.


The ASO Sweetie High Heels are suitable for corporate ladies that are in heels the whole day.

When I first tried it on, I knew I could walk around, or even run to my back-to-back meetings in this pair. It will not cause me any aches nor unwanted blisters because the 3-Dimensional insole design comfortably supports the arches of the feet.

And take a look at the outsole, there’s patented drainage pattern design to improve grip, thus ensuring that I won’t slip and fall even on rainy days.

Lastly, with patented nano-insole design, you can be sure that your feet would stay dry and comfortable throughout the day!


How it looks in the AR App.

Click link here to download Try-On AR app: https://bit.ly/2QmYxVd


In real life: Classy, elegant and definitely comfortable to wear.


Bonus: Love the gold plating details on the heels


This is how I would like to match it 🙂

Original retail price is SGD121.90 but it’s now selling at SGD114.90 on Sample Store.

Click link here to purchase: https://bit.ly/3191Tlc

All four footwear are made with high quality materials and trust me, you can definitely tell if these pairs of shoes are of high quality or not. It’s so comfortable trying and wearing them. I doubt I would have any blisters wearing them.

I’d definitely recommend you guys to try the GoFunShoes AR App yourself, I had so much fun!

GoFunShoes Augmented Reality (AR) Shoes Try-on App

It’s so great to be able to virtually try on footwear that I love with my phone anytime I wish to! Through the app, I can visualise how the footwear looks from different angles which is totally awesome!

Go try the app and if you like it, you can share it with your friends too!

With this amazing innovation, I can now easily purchase my desired pair of shoes with just a few clicks. Yay!

You can download the GoFunShoes AR App using the below links:

Android: https://bit.ly/32qBka3
IOS: https://apple.co/2XUshwH

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