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My Experience with Nose Thread Lift and Nose Fillers

Hi everyone, I have something I wished to share for a long time. Things have gotten better and I think I am ready to share my experience.
As you all know, I am a very vain girl right? haha. If I am not vain, I wouldn’t have the courage to do any sorts of aesthetics procedure to my face as I have a lower threshold tolerance.

About a year ago, I did my first ever nose thread lift procedure with Clinic S (I shall not name any clinic or Doctor in this post, so let’s keep it as Clinic S and Dr C).

I have heard so many positive reviews of Nose Threadlift and I was convinced by Dr C to give it a shot. I was super excited about it. However, my nose thread lift failed.

I do not mean that I was not suitable for the procedure. But the results was so bad that I cried. My nose was in a terrible state for almost a year. It was slanted and it was so obvious in all my videos and on photos. Dr C couldn’t do anything much to salvage the damage even though he was the one who performed the procedure on me.. You can’t remove the threads once they are “buried” deep inside”.

I was left with no choice but to live with it.. sigh. It was such a tough period for me.

If you guys do not know what Nose Thread lift is, it’s a very common procedure where vain girls like me do it to enhance our nose bridge by making look higher.

A reminder to you guys, please do your research thoroughly before deciding on which clinic and doctor to do your nose thread lift.

Unlike fillers, nose thread lift is irreversible. The only thing you can do when the procedure was done badly is to WAIT! WAIT FOR IT TO DISSOLVE ITSELF 1-2 years later! That’s a long time. Imagine spending money and then making yourself look bad. That sucks.

I was so sad during the period because my nose was slanted and also the bridge looked so fake and thin. I would love to show you how it looked back then, but during that period I was too embarrassed to take pictures then. Sister even gotta cut bangs to cover the flaw…

I went to seek another doctor’s opinion. Since my mom saw Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic (she paid for her Face Thread Lift there and she even did Profhilo recently), so I went to him instead. He saved me from this disaster. He did radio frequency to make the threads dissolve faster.

I have known Dr Gerard Ee for a long time and I trust him a lot. I was so glad he could help me fix my nose. Although we had to play the waiting game, the threads dissolved bit by bit overtime, and eventually, he managed to help me correct it.

Now that the nose is better now, I went back for another nose treatment.. Instead of Nose Thread Lift (which was recommended by Dr Ee), I prefer to do fillers on my nose bridge instead. The reason is simple, there are still some threads left from my previous nose thread lift at the lower part of my nose. And I must say that I have a phobia with nose threads now.


Can you tell I’m very excited? Numbing my nose for my nose filler treatment in the Clifford clinic!


Dr Ee doing the marking!


Here we go! With the help of the numbing cream, the pain level was 3/10. All it took was 60 – 90 seconds and we were done.
Take a look at my before/after photo from my nose fillers. (Disclaimer: I am not paid to say anything. I love my nose too much now! I need to share it!!!)


Dr Ee added some fillers to the top of the nose. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also responsible for giving the skin a plump, hydrated look.



The nose is still slightly swollen in the picture but it is looking a lot better already!




My nose bright is straight and natural! And obviously, I’m very very VERY VERY happy!

Thank you so much Dr Gerard Ee and The Clifford Clinic!

I have a lot of praises for Dr Gerard Ee. haha. Not trying to be biased but he really did such a great job in correcting my nose. Let’s be honest. My slanted nose was difficult to fix but Dr Ee is just so professional and skilled. He assured me that he will be able to fix it slowly. I definitely felt so much better under his care. I will recommend Dr Ee if you are looking at doing nose fillers/ nose thread lift!

And remember, please do your research extremely carefully and ask around for feedbacks before selecting your clinic/doctor 😊

The Clifford Clinic is located at 24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621 (Exit A from Raffles MRT).

You may reach them at 6532 2400 or WhatsApp them at 8318 6332 to find out more.

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