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Premium Beetroot Essence – Hao Yi Kang SG


Lunch meet-up with my camera-shy darling, Min Li, a week back and I can’t even recall how many times we have both harped on the importance of “High Metabolism Rate” over our lunch now that we are feeling the signs of aging criessss! Sigh this is inevitable..
I’m aware of the slower metabolism rate I’m getting/experiencing these days due to exhaustion and easier weight gains. What’s worse, working full-time sitting in the office all day long!

And thus, I have been diligently looking for some sort of supplements that are safe and works effectively against aging!


Featuring my fat tummy…
For those who aren’t aware, metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need in order to function.
In short, your resting metabolic rate, also known as RMR, is the number of calories your body burns in order to maintain vital body functions such as heart rate, brain functioning and breathing. It’s not only about losing weight.
The least that we want is to have a low RMR. The causes of low RMR includes aging, hormones change, and weight gain – higher amount of fats stored in body which may result in an overall negative health-being.


After doing some researches online, I’ve came across Lao Xie Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence which has a long history of 80 years in Taiwan and has established itself as a trustworthy brand among customers!


(Hao Yi Kang’s Brand Ambassador, Kate Pang)
And in Singapore, Hao Yi Kang is the exclusive distributor of Lao Xie Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence!

The Premium Beetroot Essence is a well-known nourishment product which helps to promote metabolism, improves digestion and aids in anti-aging! Essence is rich in 3 Premium Plant Polyphenol – which are Beetroot, Figs and Hawthorn which helps to significantly improve skin complexion with the help of natural collagen production within the body!
Can you imagine just how thrilled I was to try them!!
Essence is prepared by a unique extraction method which requires 5 hours of 80C constant temperature to extract the goodness!
General benefit of the ingredients:
Beetroot mainly aids in detoxification and regulation of blood sugar level.
Figs helps to cleanse the body with the digestive function to prevent constipation and aids in weight management and hair growth.
Hawthorn helps to improve cardiac function and improves body circulatory system.



Check out the awesome packaging!
Appropriate as a great gift for any occasions in my honest!


Packed for room temperature storage in a 4-layered opaque sachet exclusively imported from Japan.


Packets are extremely convenient to bring around! I carry one packet to work every day!
I usually carry a small bag, and this fits perfectly~


Like baby bottles, the materials used for the packaging is tested with no plasticizer making it safe to consume directly.


There’s altogether 3 ways to consume the beetroot essence.


1) Drink it directly from the sachet


2) Put the sachet in the fridge before consumption


3) Drink it warm by soaking an unopened sachet in hot water for 3 minutes before consuming


Premium Beetroot Essence is suitable for all ages! Elderly, adult and children are safe to consume product.


A packet daily after meal is recommended.
It can be stored up to 18 months after manufacturing.


ALSO! For those who are not a fan of the earthly beetroot taste, like yours truly! Fret not! This premium essence tastes both sweet and sour, even children love it! It’s 100% natural without any preservatives, additives and colouring.


I can see myself having this Premium Beetroot Essence for a longgg time and I can’t wait to stock up more of it already! *Kia su aunty alert hahaha!*

So if you are keen in trying? I will include some details below for your reference:

Website: www.haoyikang.sg
Instargram: @Haoyikang
Facebook: Haoyikang.SG

Go try it for yourself and let me know how you like it? 😊
Till then x!

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