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One of the major changes in my life in 2018 includes moving into Abel’s house permanently!
Nothing new of course. In fact, we have been staying/living together ever since the start (or rather the 1st year of dating) hahaha!
Yes both of our parents are cool about it. There’s doubt in the beginning as to whether we can tolerate one another’s living habits.
But I guess time tells, we have been together for nearly 7 years and by now, we are stable enough to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

So yes! We made a decision to revamp our room in 2018.
Reason is simple, we both agreed that we WANT a nice bedroom to come back to after a long day at work.
It’s a decision that we will never regret making. And to be glad that we have made.
I love the feeling of coming home to a clean nice bedroom space.

We often book hotel for staycation and find ourselves having the similar thought: How nice it would be if our bedroom is like this! So nicely revamped, spacious and minimalist style!
We realized that we appreciate and admire minimalist interior design a lot.

Contacted www.9sinterior.com shortly to express our thoughts to them.
We had only 2 brief meet-ups for discussions and measurements before deciding on the finalized interior designs unanimously.


I honestly love their prompt services and deliveries. Since they are very experience, we went ahead with their advises.
Received the below drafts just within days of discussions: (YAY!)



They looked so realistic I know right! I said YES almost immediately because I can already imagine how pretty this would turn out to be.
It’s exactly what I’ve wanted for the longest time!
Personal dressing table, full white sliding wardrobe, open concept wardrobe spaces to display my bags and a platform bed!
Everything’s perfect despite our odd bedroom shape.

Here’s how our room looks like before:


We got ourselves a new bedframe previously. Not the prettiest…. haha.

Our very old wardrobe that is already turning yellow. sigh.

Dark blue paint that makes me moody all the time…

Alright, without further ado, the hacking work starts! Which makes me so excited already hehe.


All of these hacking and rewiring happened so quickly. It’s all done with 2-3 days.


White walls oh I can’t wait!


Can you tell that the bedroom has a irregular shape?

Thankfully, 9sinterior was quick to fix it without any hassle.

They have planned the design in a way that it utilizes the entire bedroom space to make it look spacious.


No more hideous ceiling! Now we can have pretty warm cove lights and false ceilings in the bedroom. Which is the current trend in interior designing. It’s sleek, modern and the lights used in the entire room are energy saving.


Installations! So prompt! EXCITEDDDD!

The wait is finally over. The hacking, painting, installations and cleaning took only 2 weeks to complete!
I was truly surprised by how efficient their arrangement of works were! Both Abel and I were at work the whole time and there’s rarely anyone at home during the day. But no worries, we were at ease.
9sinterior is always reachable and prompt via Whatsapp. We made all sorts of arrangement through Whatsapp and handed them the house keys to do all the work.

Fast forward to the final result!!!




I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this! It’s very close to the initial draft and it looks even better now!?


How clean, gorgeous and bright!


The configurations of the wardrobe are nicely done as planned too! Very spacious and user friendly!


Full length mirror which makes the room looks spacious and elegant. We absolutely love it!


Photos taken using my phone. So no photoshop nor editing done to it!


THE LIGHTINGS THOUGH! I love my warm lights a lot! We used them while scrolling our phones before heading to bed!
How romantic right hhaha LOVE IT!!!


My new dressing table and minimalist wardrobe are soooo beautiful!

Photos taken just today.


Still beautiful after moving in for months!
Nicely taken care of hehe. It motivates me to vacuum and tidy up the room every week.


Come I show you my ultimate prize possessions hahaha
I need more! I wna collect more bags!!!!

Hellloooo, it’s me today.
Check out my display drawers
It’s very convenient to store our daily accessories.
I do recommend this design. Imagine having your things properly organised, it is a great feeling.
My earrings at one compartment, bracelets at another, watches at another, lipsticks at another and also my necklaces!


The place I loved the most now :*

Anyway, my new curtains are from @Riccocurtainsg – https://www.facebook.com/riccohomefurnishing/

The boss is my friend! Please show him some support! Young handsome capable steady boss – DERRICK!
You can contact him via Whatsapp at 9668 3817 to install curtain blinds, day and night curtains etc.
HIS RATES ARE VERY GOOD DE! Mention my name for some discounts because he’s very steady!!!!

RICCO CURTAIN DESIGN’s Show room is located at
Hougang Central BLK 804 #01-130 S(530804)
Operating Hours : Daily 10.30am to 8.30pm

9sInterior is officially the best interior design company in Singapore I would pick to work with.
They are very organised with the work and schedule.
We were glad and very satisfied with our new room’s revamp and design with @9sinterior!
Thank you so much for the hard work and making us happy room owners!

Highly recommend Neo for the project works.




This is our interior designer, Neo!

You can contact him at 9882 2121 (whatsapp is fine, he is very prompt with the replies).
Do remember to mention my name for extra perks and discount! haha.


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