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Korean Glass Skin with Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster and BB Glow Foundation Serum Facial Treatment Singapore

Hi everyone, I am very excited to finally try the glass skin facial treatment that I’ve always heard about! I am sure it is every women’s dream to have Korean-like flawless complexion without putting on heavy makeup.

It is done via micro needling to hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid.

This treatment was conducted using professional derma pen microneedle device that creates over 40 000 microchannels per min on your skin for rapid absorption of hyaluronic acid into the dermis.


The hyaluronic acid used in the treatment was the Dermedics HA+C (Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin C). Dermedics HA+C is a medical-grade serum used in many clinics and salons. Dermedics uses 50kda Hyaluronic acid in their products which guarantees effective trans-dermal absorption for ultimate repair, hydration and glow. Unlike those normal hyaluronic acid that stays just on top of your skin.

I am glad that there is no numbing needed for this treatment, it was overall painless and relaxing.


Now to the part that I had most anticipated! The secret to Korean glass skin. This was performed using a needless mesotherapy along with the Dermedics BB glow foundation mesowhite serum. Don’t be put off by the word foundation, this is actually a skincare that appears to have a foundation-like effect that covers your pores after the treatment session. I can be certain that after this BB glow treatment, you will definitely attend the glass skin look even without any foundation!




Can you tell the difference before and after the amazing Dermedics BB glow foundation treatment already?

I can honestly feel that my skin is now smoother and silkier with a sheen of glow which is what I’ve always wanted to achieve via this treatment.
I really like the effect and the whole relaxing facial treatment session as well!


Please beware of imitation of the Dermedics mesowhite BB foundation. It can be harmful for the skin.
Dermedics is the first and original manufacturer of the Mesowhite BB foundation skincare and attains the highest approval standard in Europe.
I will definitely recommend this to my readers!


This is the original Meso serums from Europe with Singapore lion head hologram. Beware of fakes from China and Korea !!

All of Dermedics products are classed as cosmeceutical (medical- grade serum)

Do not purchase fake products as these fake products can put you into serious health risks.

You can learn more from the authorised distributor of Dermedics – Xmedicimports at https://www.xmedicimports.com
Contact number: 91068482

This treatment can also be done at

1. Browfessionals – BUGIS CUBE
470 North Bridge Road #05-14 Singapore 188735 – 8118 6772

2. Sensual beauty – 202 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 460202 – 6445 5123

3. Serenity house 73 Circular Rd, Singapore 049427 – 6327 8303


I really do love the effect on my skin sooo much!

Go ahead with the bb glow treatment to feel the awesome effect yourself.

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