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MY Journey with Astique Clinic – Dr Ng Hong Yi

Almost 2 years with Dr Ng Hong Yi from Astique Clinic Singapore! Been doing Dual Yellow Brightening Laser, fillers and botox with Dr Ng. Till date, I can firmly say that I’m extremely pleased with the services judging by the results.


I’ve been getting this a lot! “Joanna, what makeup and skincare you’re using? Your skin is so smooth and fair!”

And my answer to them would be, “Go try Dual Yellow Brightening Laser at Astique Clinic and be sure to look for Dr Ng Hong Yi! He has been doing my treatment every month for the past 1 year and my skin has shown great improvement even without makeup. I no longer looked like a pale ghost anymore haha!”

And no, it is not harmful to do the laser treatment every month. You can trust me on this.


Here’s an example of how awesome Dual Yellow Laser can be!

That little pimple on my forehead. It is visible despite covering my concealer.


After removing my face’s makeup and concealer. Little red bumps can be seen. It’s more obvious in real life. I usually got them just before my period. Super annoying grr.


And this was 2 days later, with light face makeup on.

Natural glow and smooth skin is the best isn’t it! And my skin can now “breathe” with thinner foundation haha.

This was what Dr Ng Hong Yi has promised at the beginning of the treatment and true enough, I no longer need heavy makeup anymore with the help of Dual Yellow Laser.

Acne-free face please!


I have always been doing my fillers under the care of Dr Ng at Astique.

At ease each time hehe.


Numbing cream helps! I rate the pain of needle pricks 2/10. My pain tolerance is relatively low though. But this is bearable.

You should know that it is very important to find a reliable aesthetics doctor with lots of experience.


HAHAHA I kept emphasizing but he’s really good please! He is also very friendly, nice and patient. Couldn’t ask for a better doctor!


Chin and nose fillers done! I’m definitely happy with the results!


Just a photo posted on my Instagram!

Full of confidence this gurlll right hereee ahhaha!
Fillers looking sharp, face looking radiant as ever! No I’m not shameful to say HEHE

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