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SingPost SMARTPAC Service

I’m sure you have heard of SmartPac but if you haven’t already known, let me introduce SmartPac to you guys!

SmartPac by SingPost is a domestic postage-paid postal service with tracking + doorstep delivery service with free packaging! You do not have to worry about pasting stamps as they offer flat rates!


Delivery should be within 2-3 days and if you are not home to receive the parcel/package, it will be deposited into the letterbox safely.

I have been selling off my preloved apparels to my friends/followers online and very often, I’d mail them out as I now held a full-time job. I do not have time to do meet ups anymore. Thus, SmartPac has always been my choice of postage.

The best kind of delivery service should be a one that is safe, with definite delivery, has a flat rate and includes a free packaging!


SmartPac is easy to use. It is convenient and efficient. There’s no need to weigh items and calculate the postage fees before mailing them out anymore. Also, with the tracking system in place, I will have a peace of mind that the delivery will be safe and definite, with no lost mail~

So how do you use SmartPac? It is easy and user-friendly.

Simply head down to purchase the correct SmartPac from any Post Office or Shop@Singpost.


1KG SmartPac Lite & 1.2KG Poly M (Big)


Both 600g – SmartPac Mini and Poly M Small.

Pack your items into a suitable SmartPac (accordingly to the weight) and drop it off an any Post office or street posting Box. Do you know that there is 57 Post Offices and more than 800 posting boxes in Singapore islandwide? So, there is not much of a hassle to find one nearby 😊 There’s one SingPost located at Raffles Place MRT which is near to my work place. And there’s a posting box near my house too hehe.

Let me show you an example since I’m doing a box swap with my fellow bloggers!


I’ve pick the SmartPac Lite as my “mystery” items fit just nice!

Since SmartPac Lite can accommodate up to 1KG, this wouldn’t be wrong hehe!


At the front, do fill up recipient’s name, address + postal code.


At the back, you can fill in your name and address.


And there you go, it’s ready to be mailed out!


Yes yes, I’ve pulled the handle and dropped it into the mailing box since the item is larger hehe! Can’t wait for her to receive the present!!

The greatest perks about using SingPost’s SmartPac mailing service is that you can track your item’s delivery status online 24/7 via SP.com or the SP Mobile Application! – remember to download it if you mail items frequently.

Also, like I’ve mentioned earlier. If you are not at home to receive the parcel from the postman, item would be safely placed in your letterbox.


YAY Flora has mailed these items to me too! That’s very sweet of her! I’ve always wanted to try this eyeshadow palette!


To my surprise, these items reached me within 2 days and without any damages!

This mailing service is just awesome isn’t it!?

However, please be caution of things that aren’t supposed to be packed!


Please note that dangerous and prohibited items including explosive, poison, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms and any other items which by its nature may expose threat to the officers on SingPost are prohibited by law and will not be accepted. It may cause injury and damages to other items! So please be considerate okay 😊

Also, valuables like coins/banknotes/currency notes of any kind payable to bearer are to be sent via insured post only. Compensation will not be payable for such lost items under the Service.

In addition, it is recommended to not send anything that is of high value (e.g. $1000 diamond ring), item with high tendency of leakage (unless sealed tightly) or precious items (e.g. one and only item in the world).


So if you are wondering where to purchase these awesome SmartPac services, it is available in Post Office and Shop@Singpost < click links. Here’s some informaiton of the prices: 1) SmartPac Box (3KG) @ $4.70 2) SmartPac Lite (1KG) @ $3.80 3) SmartPac Mini (600g) @ $3.20 4) Poly M Big (1.2KG) @ $2.90 5) Poly M Small (600g) @ $2.00 PROMOTION – Use all SmartPac (Box/Lite/Mini) & Poly M (Big & Small) at easeeee~: There’s a discount of up to 12% off with a minimum purchase of 20 pieces. Products sold in bundles of 10 pieces.

Finally, do participate in the lucky draw organised by SingPost! 3 postings with the most number of likes get to win prizes over $100! Are you ready? CAUSE I AM HEHE!


Simply upload a photo of you receiving or sending a SmartPac on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mysingpost/ , like and follow @Mysingpost, tag 3 friends and remember to hashtag #SMARTwaytoPAC to be eligible in joining the contest.


Happy mailing with SingPost’s SmartPac~

Till then ^^

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