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La Vida – Review of Deluxe Creative Brows Embroidery

La Vida – Review of Deluxe Creative Brows Embroidery

Hello everyone! I have finally went ahead and did something I’ve always wanted to try! And I can’t wait to share what this post is going to be about hehe! Please read on..


Yes guys! Getting my eyebrows embroidered! I have always wanted to try eyebrow embroidery but like many others, I do have certain level of fears and doubts at heart. Questions like where and how should I source for a good/skilled one when there are so many eyebrow experts out there in the market in Singapore. Will it be painful? How much does it cost? Will it be too expensive? Is it worth going for it?

My doubts have been cleared when I was recommended to LA VIDA! To be honest, I was still afraid to try initially but after doing some researches. I realised how good LA VIDA is. The amount of positive reviews is insane and are mostly from their returning customers. I have chosen to go with LA VIDA for all good reasons!


Opened in 2014, LA VIDA brow specialists have been very popular as they emerged with the most natural-looking eyebrows, semi-permanent eyeliner and lip embroidery. They are highly-trained and qualified professionals who are constantly upping the skills, techniques and technology employed to create the best results for their clients.

Headed down to LA VIDA at one of their main stores at Ang Mo Kio Hub. The store is spacious and it’s an one-stop beauty salon. They offer spas and nails services under the same store too.


This area is specifically dedicated for eyebrow embroidery.


I felt so inferior right after removing my eyebrow makeup!


Here’s the brow specialist shaping my eyebrows before the procedure.


Look at the pathetic amount of brows I originally has. *cries* Can’t wait to see the result already!

After some discussion and thorough consultation with the brows specialist, they have recommended me to go with their Deluxe Creative Brow after knowing my concern and how I would like my style of my brows to be.
Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service is one of their highly rated semi-permanent makeup services. Using a micro-blade, small incisions are made along the brow line to mimic existing eyebrow hairs. Combining unique strokes in accordance to the growth of the eyebrow, individual brow strands are created with a natural three-dimensional tone. It is very natural-looking in my opinion! (Especially when the scabs are off!!) There’s a complimentary consultation session and recommendations by the brow specialists for an unique eyebrow design that will complement their facial features, skin tone and hair colour. Once the entire treatment has completed, embroidery can usually last up to 18-24 months!


Application of numbing cream~


While waiting for it to be set. Usually being left on for 15-20 minutes.


A mirror selfie while waiting!


And here we go!~

Shockingly, I swear it is not painful at all! Last I’ve check, a few of my friends that went for eyebrow embroideries (at other places) told me that they felt pain during the process even with the help of numbing cream. And honestly, that frightens me a lot.

Believe me when I said the pain level for me 0/10! Honestly, I don’t feel a bit of pain and I’m very glad about it! Disclaimer: I kept emphasizing that my pain tolerance level is really low so the brow specialist has advised to put the numbing cream on for a longer period.
To play safe, I have asked them to leave the numbing cream on for 40 minutes. I know 40 minutes is a tad too long, but I did not regret one bit at all. I felt no pain throughout the process and I was so at ease. But well, I guess this varies. I advise you to consult the brow specialist when you are there!


Mandatory immediate car selfie once it’s all done haha!


There are perks of getting your eyebrow done! Imagine waking up to perfect brows and of course, getting more rest in the morning because there’s no need to draw my eyebrows anymore! Well, one of the best decision made in life definitely!


It is no secret that semi-permanent makeup procedures are trends that have been sweeping the makeup industry and once you experienced the conveniences, there is no turning back.

There will be another complimentary touch-up session 30 days later so it would be more permanent! I will keep you guys posted till then.

More about LA VIDA™
The Art of Brow Specialist

Since its inception in 2014, LA VIDA has rapidly become a dominant player in the semi-permanent make up industry and getting increasingly recognised by clients as the leading brow and lash specialty boutique.
LA VIDA specialises in cosmetic artistry for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips where our specialists design and create makeup looks that look so natural and effortlessly beautiful for our clients. These can only be achieved through extensive training, using highly skilled feather-stroke techniques and industry-leading safe colours by our specialists. LA VIDA™ also provides some luxurious spa treatments for clients whom are always in pursuit of effective beauty solutions in an elegant, fully relaxing European-inspired haven where luxury meets comfort, lifestyle and beauty all integrated into one.

GOOD NEWS! – LA VIDA™ Great Eyebrow Promotion
As part of an on-going effort to bring on point eyebrows to everyone, LA VIDA™ will be offering their highly raved Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service at a promotional priced of $398 (U.P$1369.60) plus a complimentary touch up session (worth $388) to all first time customers (by appointment), 23 years old and above, available at all of LA VIDA™ 7 outlets by quoting “Joanna398”!


Can you tell that I’m very in love with my new brows!?

With the right brows, it helps to shave ages off our looks, creating the illusion of bigger eyes and an instant eyelid lift! With LA VIDA Deluxe Creative Brows, clients can expect fuller natural looking eyebrows to regain the confidence they rightfully owned and the confidence that comes with it!
Outlet locations
AMK Hub #B1-24, Tel: 6481 5484
Bedok Mall #01-27, Tel: 6384 3218
Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-12, Tel: 6465 4491
Grantral Mall @Clementi #01-09/10, Tel: 6774 7372
Compass One #04-23, Tel: 6386 2585
Lot One #02-02, Tel: 6769 3244
Northpoint City #B1-168 Tel: 6873 1168

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