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Blessed :’)

Blessed :’)


Missing this guy so much at work right now.
It’s funny. I can’t comprehend too.
We actually live together and we literally see one another every single day.
Not a day without.. And we always wait for each other to be back from work before hitting the sack.
And yet, we still send “I miss you” texts every morning.
HAHA guess we are still at our honeymoon period despite being tgt for 6 years <3
I’m very fortunate to have Abel in my life, sharing the same level of humour and jokes daily :’)

Anyway, I really can’t wait for another getaway!
I have been working hard at work and it sucks. IT JUST SUCKS.
So glad to have received news that we are going to Cassia Bintan soon! CAN’T WAIT!
Together w my GEGE and JIEJIE, James & Maybeline~ Always fun to be with them teeheee~


Tsk tsk.. I have been wearing this pants way too many times.
The quality is so good please. Kudos to you Osmosestores! You can shop at www.osmose-stores.com

Bye. TGIF YASSS! It’s 10am right now and I can’t wait to get off work already.
Sigh. Fridays should be banned from working..

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