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AXA@Post – Travel Insurance Online

AXA@Post – Travel Insurance Online


Japan was awesome and it has all my heart now! Criessss it’s now one of my favourite country to travel to! I’m very much amazed by the cleanliness (especially the public toilets omg super clean) and hygiene habits. There’s literally zero rubbish on the ground anywhere? Gotta give it to them!~


This is my first time travelling to Japan with Abel and a bunch of close friends. Every single day in Osaka and Tokyo was so enjoyable and happy! Stress-free holidays are definitely the best!


This is also my first time getting myself Travel Insurance before going on a trip! Ooops yes I’m serious and I’ve never really taken travel insurance seriously in the past until my parents reminded me on this one.
After much consideration, I’ve decided that it would be best for me and Abel to get ourselves Travel Insurance since we were heading there for a good long 11 days and our itineraries were filled with touring activities around Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Hakone. Mostly tourist attractions!










I was introduced to AXA@POST Online Travel Insurance and we have purchased a Single Trip Policy (Essential Plan) to cover for the trip. The online purchasing process was really straight-forward, easy and convenient! And with just a few clicks, we were all done with our online purchase and ready for the trip. A confirmation email will then be sent to our email and all’s good!! I’m glad that we can now do everything online as we do not have the spare time to arrange a meet-up with an Insurance Agent to do the purchases & paper works.

What I can say is that Travel Insurance Online is actually the same and it’s equally good. The policy includes Essential and Comprehensive plans for you to choose from and the coverage includes:
1) High medical coverage up to $600,000 (for Comprehensive plan)
2) Protection for lost or damaged belongings up to $10,000 (for Comprehensive plan)
3) Leisure sports cover
4) Personal accident cover which starts before trip
In addition, you only buy what you need: you can choose from golf equipment cover, sports equipment cover, rental vehicle excess cover and other optional benefits.

Visit http://www.singpost.com/more-services/financial-services/axapost/smarttraveller for more details on the plans and to purchase online.


Fortunately for the both of us, we have no issue during the trip but one of our friend regrettably fractured and broke his leg at Hakone Mount Fuji due to wet floor. He was rushed to the nearest hospital in Hakone and an operation is required in Singapore. All thanks to Travel Insurance, these expenses are covered and 100% claimable! I am glad that the AXA claim process is fast and seamless which is definitely a plus point each time I consider to buy for any travel insurance. This incident is a great example of why travel insurance is indeed important and essential.


Just a photo of Mount Fuji where the incident happened! 🙁


Till then x!

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