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Estella Radiance Aksuvital Softem Skin Care Capsule

Estella Radiance Aksuvital Softem Skin Care Capsule

Holla!! I love reviewing new skin care anytime!


Today, I’m gonna recommend something that is quite different from the usual skincare product.


Looks interesting right! I’M HONESTLY IN LOVE! They are very premium and precious to me! Love everything about the serum! I will not hesitate to get them again once I’ve finished these.


Each packet contains 7 capsules for a one-week course of treatment. For youthfulness, beauty and achieving rich moisture for the skin.


There are altogether 3 types of different oil serum suitable for different skin types! Natural Grape Seed Oil + Q10 & Vitamin E (for normal skin), Natural Rose Oil & Vitamin E (for oily skin) and Natural Argan Oil & Vitamin E (for dry skin)


Benefits of using Argan Oil for dry skin type. It is extremely rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids & vitamin E which gives skin a natural boost. It helps deeply hydrates and softens skin to prevent it from drying out, forming wrinkles. There’s also rejuvenating characteristics to assist in delaying signs of aging!


Benefits of using Grape Seed Oil + Q10 for normal skin type. It contains a powerful antioxidant which protects the skin against harmful damages. These antioxidant compounds in its content helps to remove the early signs of wrinkles by minimising damages caused by free radicals, leaving the skin looking younger and improving overall appearance. It also helps moisture and balance both oily (T-zone) and dry areas (cheeks) thoroughly. Highly rich Oleic acids helps to brighten up the complexion.


Benefits of Rose Oil for oily skin type. It has great antiseptic and astringent properties to improve acne condition. It helps revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin with excellent softening/soothing agent. Also, the subtle rose fragrance aids in relaxing and refreshing~


One point to note! All 3 types can actually be used on all skin types according to your own preference. They are identified like that because they are MORE suitable for a relevant skin type since each has its own individual characteristic properties.


I reckon many of you may not recognise the benefits of Vitamin E! It is actually very good to our skin. Vitamin E helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity by increasing the production of elastin and collagen. It not only helps the skin stay smooth and firm, but it also aids in diminishing skin wrinkles and blemishes. Together with the presence of the antioxidant compound, it helps to slow down the formation of new wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamin C, E and the fatty acids help in reducing/removing stretch marks and decreases the skin sensitivity and damages caused by sun and external factors.


Super cute, convenient and hygienic!



Directions and Usage: After skin is cleansed, twist to open the capsule and pour the content onto your palm. Then, apply it onto your face, neck and chest!


Gently massage till the oil is fully absorbed. It is recommended for night use, or in the morning when you are feeling lazy and decided you do not wish to layer your face with other products HAHAHA! Just like how I always dooooo! I hate layering creams and serums on my face. Estella Radiance Aksuvital Softem Skin Care Capsule is literally what I need in life!


THAT GLOW! And the scent is just really good! I’m using Argan Oil here.


You can tell that there’s a layer of oil on my face. Waiting for it to be fully absorbed into the skin.


Brightening effect can definitely be seen!!


With make-up on! Complexion definitely looking better hehe!

Products can be kept for 3 years upon manufacturing.
Oils used are obtained by cold pressing technique to obtain the highest quality product. Products consists of 100% pure natural oils and do not contain additive agents and preservatives.

I have a great tip to share! Remember to always do a skin test when trying out new skin care products. What you can do is to put a drop of the Estella capsule oil on the inner part of your wrist or elbow bend, leave it there for 24hours. If there’s any signs of redness, itchiness or discomfort then you should avoid using the product. Otherwise you are safe to use!

SO DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER! You can now redeem your samples here http://bit.ly/2AFt0Vq!
Products are only available exclusively at their e-commerce store so hurry visit them at www.estellaradiance.com for more product information & purchase~

Let me know which Estella Radiance Aksuvital Softem Skin Care Capsules do you prefer? ^^

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