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Xin Shi Delights – Lobster and Seafood Bee Hoon

HELLO! As you guys should know by now how much I love trying new yummy food.
I absolutely love sharing it with my friends and readers.

& I also love it when my friends do the same 🙂

For those who are down for some food hunting, continue reading and you won’t regret it~

I was recommended by a friend to try some Lobster / Crayfish Seafood Bee Hoon by XIN SHI DELIGHTS located at Newton Circus Stall 58. (Apparently underrated)
I frigging love Lobster and Big prawns. It’s really one of the best thing ever!?

So yea, of course I really don’t mind trying. Popped by after work the other day.


 photo 1_zpsobdjxnrv.jpg

Been to Newton Circus a few times before but mostly for their typical asian cuisine like chicken wings, satays, stringray etc.

Never really tried anything new? So Lobster Bee Hoon is definitely the first and something different.

I was really excited I even asked my bestfriend Wan Ling to tag along as I know she loves having seafood too yayyy!

 photo 18402346_307338486369745_5602455862297633410_o_zps8kim6rmo.jpg

 photo 2_zpsm2qu1sgk.jpg

This is how the stall looks like. Pretty easy to locate though.

Highly recommended to try!


 photo 9_zpsjyioceka.jpg

Varieties to choose from but their signature dishes are definitely Lobster Seafood Beehon and Crayfish Seafood Beehoon. Don’t miss that out.

 photo 3_zpsvk2dlhl4.jpg

Crayfish Seafood Bee Hoon! Look at the crazy amount of fresh seafood they offer in a plate just for $16! Good for sharing.

The boss is really friendly and he explained to us that there’s no MSG in the dishes! and yet the broth of the Bee Hoon is soooo fantastic!

Suitable for kids too ^^

 photo 4_zpsby0vcdnb.jpg

What’s better than having a plate of fresh seafood at a reasonable price!

 photo 5_zpsltdafpqy.jpg

Next up, Lobster Seafood Bee Hoon! Really excited to try this one!

The portion of the meat is huge and it’s sooooo juicy! So worth the price…

 photo 6_zpsvthzom0q.jpg

These two big plates are more than enough to share with a few friends. But guess what, glutton us managed to finish everything on our own in no time. Tummies satisfied and no complains.

 photo 8_zpswig9vnjw.jpg

 photo 7_zpsgfmtkvz0.jpg

A very happy me with my food!

Once again, highly recommending you guys to try it. Since it’s a new stall at Newton Circus, I believe it deserves support from the locals and it will mean a lot to them.  I feel that it’s underrated and it would only be fair for them to known by more people. *two thumbsup*

Map of Newton Circus


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XinShidelights/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xinshidelights/

Enjoy food hunting folks x

& have a really nice day ahead!

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