Astique – Dual Yellow Brightening Laser

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Hello friends!

Been visiting Astique Aesthetics Clinic for a while now for their well-known Laser treatment (Highly-recommended by Singapore Bloggers) – You may google them up for more reviews.

More about Astique Clinic: (details can be found at the end of the post)

ASTIQUE is a Boutique Aesthetic Clinic which provides a comprehensive range of FDA-approved medical aesthetic treatment with no or minimal downtime. Services include Laser skin treatments, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, facials, and non-invasive body contouring & skincare products for both men and women.

What I love about ASTIQUE is that the consultants are very attentive to my concerns. They ensure that the advice given is necessary and ample. I feel safe and confident in professional hands of ASTIQUE’s doctors and therapists who are well-trained in using the latest advanced technology in cosmetic dermatology.

I’ve decided to do a write-up after a few sessions of Laser Treatment with them and this is actually my 5th session with ASTIQUE Clinic till date.

There’s a few different types of Laser Treatments available in ASTIQUE Clinic but the two most popular lasers would be their Radiance Laser Package and the Dual Yellow Brightening Laser.

I was recommended to try Dual Yellow Brightening Laser as my ultimate concern for now is my dull-looking skin and I wanted to start with the most gentle one.

As we all should know, sun damage and aging can lead to heavy pigmentation, enlarged pores and a dull appearance which I doubt anyone wants… Obvious results will not be seen with normal facial treatments – or will probably take much longer than undergoing Laser treatments.

More details about the treatment I’ve opted:

“Dual Yellow Brightening Laser is the latest addition to Astique’s non-invasive laser treatments. Using a combination of yellow and green lights, the Dual Yellow brightening laser can combat a wide range of skin concerns like dark spots and pigmentation due to aging or sun damage, scars, melasma, stretch marks, acne and bulky lesions (moles, skin tags and other raised lesions). The green light in Dual Yellow targets melanin which causes pigmented lesions like freckles, sun spots and age spots or skin discolouration like melasma.

An immediate change in appearance of dark spots will be noticed and some might appear to darken slightly and gradually fade after a couple of days.

Not only are treatments fast, precise and targeted with reduced skin damage and no down time, the Dual Yellow brightening laser will effectively treat your skin condition while also stimulating collagen generation helping to keep your skin supple and brightened in complexion.”

My personal experience with the Dual Yellow Brightening Laser treatment is that I do not experience any side effects and the result is definitely immediate! It keeps getting better with every treatment and people/even strangers have been complimenting on how smooth and fine my skin condition is! (More frequent than ever before…)

Abel and my closer friends (who’ve seen me with my full naked face) told me they could see significant improvement on my skin tone which used to be really dull,dry and yellowish. And without a doubt, my skin looks so much brighter than before and I do not need to apply much makeup to look presentable. Even my naked face looks good now ahem self-praise alert*.. All thanks to Dual Yellow Brightening Laser treatment by ASTIQUE Clinic!

Anyway, there is a saying that Laser treatment shouldn’t be done frequently or say monthly as it might hurt your skin in a long-run etc. But that’s not true, it’s a myth by people. After clarifying with my Doctor, Dr Ng Hong Yi, Laser treatment can actually be done on a monthly basis just like facial treatments. As the entire process took about 10-15 minutes, the treatment focus only on the surface of the skin for rejuvenation.

I’m thankful to Dr Ng Hong Yi for always being patient towards all of my skin concerns and his recommendation is really good by the way!

According to Dr Ng, Dual Yellow Brightening Laser is much milder and is adequate for my skin concern. No numbing cream required in the process = less painful it is! Phewww haha*

The only common side effects will be having mild redness after treatment, BUT.. I’ve never had a problem with that.


 photo 16730117_10203062738726301_7642099365301129072_n_zpsqxpfezki.jpg

 photo 16640582_10203062738126286_3673215489920474236_n_zpsaxl1kjrv.jpg

This how the clinic looks like.

 photo 16265514_10203015304540476_4651265713992976217_n_zpsvzlg3utd.jpg

Laser room situation. Very cosy and comfy as you can see!

 photo 16298998_10203015304580477_5911337327291875260_n_zpsix2ln2t5.jpg

A quick snap of the Laser Machine Dr Ng uses for Dual Yellow Brightening Laser Treatment.

 photo 16387211_10203012670194619_3165972466265231566_n_zpsh4ftvjmi.jpg

A layer of cooling gel will be applied on the face where the treatment will be.

 photo 16473728_10203012670034615_5364046230519930596_n_zpsafur1h4b.jpg

Note that there’s still makeup on my lip and eye-area! The makeup on the rest of the face will be removed by the therapist. So normally, I would come with my full makeup on after work and there’s no issue at all.

 photo 16406842_10203012670154618_4502721766272212874_n_zpsdl7ggzjs.jpg

 photo 16387252_10203012669234595_1404741864380065275_n_zps1mbquz3a.jpg

And here we go~

 photo 16387061_10203012668514577_6989555940528084383_n_zpscfqzttsm.jpg

 photo 16427365_10203012669354598_6038237724320373830_n_zpsaegriwvu.jpg

 photo 16387995_10203012669994614_4126849492347224458_n_zpssf1c0cwj.jpg

 photo 16427519_10203012669314597_3515983631262112974_n_zpsczfirvgm.jpg

 photo 16473028_10203012668594579_3155074589958945834_n_zpsrhrywkkn.jpg

Treatment only lasts for 10-15 minutes and we are done! There’s a weird tingling sensation (just like IPL) and to be honest sometimes it hurts a little where my skin area is more sensitive.

 photo 16427415_10203012671074641_4207731697662333324_n_zpsevr3opnw.jpg

To the dressing room right after the treatment to touch up my makeup.

And yes, you CAN apply makeup after the treatment so there’s no fear of walking out looking like witch!! In fact, I usually go for my errands or dinner after the Laser Treatment 🙂

Ahh kinda glad that they are located at Shaw House. So convenient!

 photo 16406999_10203012665714507_9126327019423531899_n_zpsqtdbnuaw.jpg

All of these make up are free to use! Feeling like a pampered princess already!

 photo 16386989_10203012671114642_129992258853733230_n_zps7lr9nqiu.jpg

Say hi to softer and smoother skin!

Thank you My Fat Pocket team for the recommendation! ASTIQUE Clinic is by far the best Aesthetics Clinic I’ve visited by far! Two thumbs up*


350 Orchard Road, Shaw House
Singapore 238868
Phone: +65 6732 3801

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Bye! x


Hi! It’s been awhile since I last blogged :’(

Have been too caught up with campaigns and work… I don’t even have the time and energy to attend events recently. Signs of aginggggg. Horrible.

Although it can be tough at times, but I kinda enjoyed myself thus far! Hope you guys have been doing good too! 😀

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Since I have some alone time now let me just give this space a quick update!

Anyway, thank god Abel got me an iphone 7 for xmas as my iphone 6 was so badly crackeddd thanks it’s useless owner *me*. Meh..

So now that my new phone has more space, it means more storage for photos and apps!!

Today, I’m going to intro you guys a really awesome application called EHBUZZ (can be found in both android and iphone).

 photo 1_zpsykqzpikr.png

It also has a website where you can sign up too:

 photo 2_zps9nsm2swk.png

Reason why I’m recommending this is because as you guys should know, both Abel and I absolutely love hunting for good, cheap yet quality foodie in Singapore. We don’t mind travelling anywhere just so we can have a good meal because yummy food really makes us happy! However, we always face a constant problem of deciding what we should eat..

I know there’s popular website like “hungrygowhere”, “burpple” etc where you can easily search details of food on Google – so what’s so interesting about another foodie app/website?

More about

Ehbuzz is a new Community Portal for Lifestyle outlets and buzzes. It is a portal with the intention to be the authentic buzz portal that consumers go by trending influencers, outlets and buzzes through gamification.

 photo 3_zpsgb2saoeg.png

There are missions for you to clear in order to level up faster. Be prepared to earn badges and rewards!

Thus, not only can you search for food recommendations with all sorts of information presented clearly in the website/application, you can actually join in the fun too! You can now be a “Hunter” too. So intriguing! You gotta check out my profile, I’m currently at level 19. Please follow me @joannaspy and check out all of my recommendations hehe I’m a proud Hunter myself!

 photo 4_zpswmgwjjk6.png

Being an Ehbuzz’s hunter, you are able to share new outlets, promotions and buzzes which you think are recommendable to your followers. To spice things up, “Hunters” are able to level up with experience points through contributions – gaining unique special badges!

Users could also sort and rank outlets, buzzes and influencers based on his or her own needs and requirements.

These Buzzes are real-time marketing information that excite consumers on a short-term basis. Some examples include a discount, new menu item, new promotion details.

Now when I have no idea what’s for dinner (which is actually a constant struggle for me and Abel :/) – EHBUZZ.COM SAVED OUR DAY!

 photo 5_zpse1eipl8q.png

You can scroll through snippets of restaurant outlets, giving you some ideas what you would like to try next :p

Once you’ve decided what interests you, simply click in and all the details are there eg. Operating hours, location, price, honest review/feedbacks from Hunters and Users.

 photo 6_zps3n29woxn.png

Droolssss~ Here are some of the examples of buzzes from the contributors.

 photo 7_zps04nd2dbm.png

Buzz ratings

 photo 8_zpsqfetefoe.png


 photo 9_zpsvfswtcu3.png

Details of restaurant outlets

 photo 10_zpsvwgwvl4a.png

Foodie recommendation in the restaurant

Have you already decided on what to eat today?
Have fun playing/exploring around with the Ehbuzz App (
Happy buzzing guys!~


As Chinese New Year is approaching, a lot of my friends have been asking me if I have any “Lobang” of online blog-shops with trendy pretty apparels to recommend to them.

We are all turning busy as we now have a full-time work to commit etc etc. Truth is we don’t really have the time to head down to Bugis or Orchard for some crazy CNY shopping. And not to even mention how horrendous the crowd out there is..

As an online shopper, I do have a plenty to recommend! Recently, I’ve chanced upon an online e-commerce fashion retail store that I think it’s really worth a mention! So I’m gonna share it here to my readers too hehe!~ (All links are at the bottom)

Pepperkoko features a range of apparels with styles adopted from Tai Wan, Japan and Korean’s Fashion scene. They are always up-to-date and the quality of the apparels are really awesome too! Not kidding as I’ve ordered a few apparels myself. Tested and proven ok!

The apparels are comfy, affordable and versatile. You can easily find any apparel suitable for all events. Eg. Chinese New Year, wedding dinners, company events, birthday parties, work, gatherings and more.

With hundreds of new designs weekly, do take your time to pick through tops, skirts, dresses, bottoms, innerwear, outerwear, maternity clothes to active wear for all seasons. (psss: if you are going overseas to cold countries, remember to get those thick trendy outerwears ready from pepperkoko!)

Here are some of my picks:

1) Solid Button-down Jacket/Shirt –available in 3 colors: Royal blue, Red, Green.

Got myself the one in Royal blue and I am very in love with my choice! The best thing is that the material is actually pretty thin so I can wear it anytime.


 photo dsfsf_zpsifbtwho7.jpg

 photo 1_zps6gacu2sm.jpg

 photo 2_zpsmvtibc9c.jpg

Selfies before heading out ^^

Link to purchase: (true to photos)

2) Kimono Collar Blouse

Love the pinstriped printed fabrication and the bishop sleeves so much! Looks so koreanish haha!

 photo 3_zpsdkalxrqh.jpg

 photo 4_zpsxt2nasnn.jpg

 photo 5_zpscx5qlm4b.jpg

Got the one in blue and white stripe!

Link to purchase: (true to photos)

3) Stripe Drop-Shoulder Longline Knit Sweater – available in 2 colours: white/black & white/red

 photo 7_zpsacxyj5sr.jpg

 photo 8_zpso1lg2e3j.jpg

Expecting this to be a top but when the apparel came, I can even wear it as a dress! Very versatile I lovee loveeee loveeeeee it! Stripes knitted pullover can never go wrong!

Link to purchase and for more photos:

Arghhh there are so many more apparels that I wish to own!

Oh! More reason for you to purchase from Pepperkoko! As the sizing ranges from S to XL, Pepperkoko actually has a 14 days free 1-to-1 size exchange if it doesn’t fits you! Delivery will only take 2-3 days to arrive. With great Customer Service Support, Pepperkoko aced at their flexibility! *Thumbs up*

So hurry and start shopping now for Chinese New Year as they are having a 15% off for all new arrivals!

In addition, remember to cart out with “JOANNA10” for a $10 with a minimum purchase of $40!



Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen

Hi people!

 photo 15_zpspl9mxrxm.jpg

Just got back from Bangkok and I had so much fun! I have been travelling a lot this year and I am truly blessed. 🙂

 photo 18_zpsyns7kd35.jpg

Anyway, I believe you guys have heard of “Collagen Powder” everywhere you go since almost everyone is discussing about this new “in” thing now. Collagen Powder where you can simply add a teaspoon of it in your daily drink/coffee and magically stay healthy & youthful?

Hell yeah! I’ve been wanting to try one and previously I’ve been taking collagen supplements from Kinohimitsu so I thought to myself why not jump into the new bandwagon and try their Collagen Powder instead? – heard that the effect is even better.
After all it’s a new health-related product which does no harm (but aid) to the body so why not?

Tadahhh~ introducing the new Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen!

 photo 5_zpscgahjcqp.jpg

A little information – Collagen Powder comes from the same collagen found in our skin and bones. In short, they are essential proteins for our body and digestive tract.

 photo 4_zpszvywfful.jpg

Easy storage, comes with a seal.

 photo 3_zps5n1jvnpm.jpg

A scoop is also included for our convenience yay!

 photo 6_zpskehlpfru.jpg

This is basically how it looks like when you open the bag up.

Asking the most important question now. So what are the benefits of using Collagen Powder?

The sad truth is as we age, our body’s ability to repair starts to deteriorate.. Imagine how our bones, joints, skin, hair and even nails would eventually fail us.

Benefits of taking Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen:

• Firm, tighten and brighten skin
• Strengthen hair root & prevent hair fall/ breakage
• Strengthen weak and brittle nails
• Lift bust & tone body
• Support joint & bone health

 photo 13_zpsm8conbmp.jpg

Having my Collagen in the morning at work before breakfast!

I had to share this! Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen is really tasty to my surprise! I totally prefer this over the tasteless ones. I love mixing it with pure water daily before breakfast and it obviously tastes so much nicer & healthier!

 photo 10_zpslwjtfbqj.jpg

 photo 11_zpsaol3qh4l.jpg

A cup before bedtime!

After trying it out for 2 weeks now, my skin condition has improved. Difference might not be obvious to you guys but I sure felt that my skin is now smoother!
Most importantly, my digestion has significantly improved and I have no problem with “unloading” everyday holy finally HAHAHA! But seriously though, this has always been a major concern for me as I don’t drink enough water… Boo I know.

 photo 8_zps9w7lw5at.jpg


Yeah to be honest that’s all for now but I strongly believe that I will discover more improvements with this product! I shall keep you guys posted after trying out for a month or so.
Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen delivers powerful nourishing ingredients to our skin and organs, enabling us to defy signs of ageing. Densed with age-fighter Marine Collagen, great all-round-hydrator Green Caviar™, glycation-fighter Formosa Ruby™ and powerful free radical-fighter Vitamin C, be ready to see results in just 6 days!

 photo 9_zps3mi82izs.jpg

Marine Collagen
• Type 1 & 3
• Small molecule size for immediate absorption to replenish and stimulate collagen production for firm and youthful skin

Green Caviar™ (aka sea grapes)
• Promote skin whitening
• Enhance skin hydration
• Great antioxidant ability which provide synergistic effect when work with Vitamin C

Formosa Ruby
• Essence from whole grain of Djulis with anti-glycation properties and increase collagen level, thus anti-ageing effect can last longer
• Promotes skin whitening and collagen synthesis and retain skin moisture

Vitamin C
• Anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for repairing cartilage
• Powerful antioxidant for cellular protection

In short, Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen helps to turn back the clock for your skin and improve the connective tissue throughout the body!

 photo 2_zps727sk8lj.jpg

Take 1 scoop a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
Mix with 150ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

 photo 7_zpsxov6tvjo.jpg

There’s 5000mg of Marine Collagen in a scoop. – Package comes with a scoop*

 photo 1_zps2aguwirc.jpg

A pack is enough for a full 30-day supply and it is cholesterol & fat free!

Psssss! It is the ONLY Collagen product with anti-glycation effect in the market!

*Tested on 65 women and men aged 25 – 70 under the strict supervision of derma-lab at My Gene Lab (Japan)

Promotional price now @ only S$39.90 (U.P S$59.90), get it from their online store ( or their Kinohimitsu Beauty Counters today!

• OG Orchard Point (Nearest MRT: Somerset MRT Station)

• People’s Park (Nearest MRT: Chinatown MRT Station)

• Albert Complex (Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT Station)

 photo 16_zps9yuz3uwh.jpg

Hopefully with Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen, I can stay this youthful for as long as I want! Haha!

 photo 17_zpsgltagnjf.jpg

Till then x!

Labo Labo Super Keana Product Range

Hi guys! It’s been awhile~

 photo 1_zpsyavpq8fy.jpg

Decided it’s time to update this space a little and this time round I am going to share a range of skincare products I’ve been using recently! Reason why I’m sharing this is because this skincare range really has made my skin so much brighter and smoother. No breakouts, tested and proven!

 photo 2_zps0ik1cslv.jpg

Have been using the products diligently and I like how my skin glows in photos!

Was introduced to Labo Labo Super Keana product range and I couldn’t have been more grateful! Been searching for a product range that is meant for anti-aging, and at the same time light as my skin is pretty sensitive.

 photo 3_zpsutbjpt39.jpg

Many times have I tried different products to combat pre-mature aging, only to end up having a break-out as its too heavy (oily) for me. Definitely not the optimal result I wanted to achieve..

Always wondered how Japanese skincare is different from western and yes you’ve got it! That’s because we are Asians ourselves! Our main concerns are similar – dullness, dehydration, pre-mature aging due to UV exposure.


A little more about Labo Labo – it is established by the creators of Dr. Ci:Labo (pretty sure you are familiar with it!)

 photo 4_zpspqmibfs5.jpg

They are known for being safe, functional and uses natural ingredients in products to address skin concerns.

Labo Labo Super Keana series focus on “skin decay” and “sagged pores”, providing moisture to skin to achieve a smooth and well-textured skin all women desired.

This product is recommended for skin with appeared (sagging) pores – skin with early aging skin (normal to oily skin type)

What I love about this range is that it has no fragrance, paraben, colorant, alcohol and mineral oil! Which is very important as skincare is actually food to our skin! Don’t you agree with me?

Thumbs up for product that uses natural ingredients ONLY.

1) Super-Keana Oil Cleansing (Price: S$29.90)

 photo 5_zpsjadp9isa.jpg

It is gentle on the skin and most importantly, it can remove waterproof makeup!
It can be used during shower in wet hands.
So for those who wants to remove layers of defining waterproof makeup during shower, (LIKE ME HAHA) this is definitely the product for you!

 photo 6_zps18uguwcv.jpg

Stubborn mascara on my lower lashes be gone! I love how gentle and fast-removing it is so my lower lashes don’t hurt.

 photo 7_zpskfhgd1z7.jpg

 photo 8_zps384hirsd.jpg

This is especially suitable for those who have concerns with pores and blackheads as it picks up dirt and tightens up the pores, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

 photo 9_zpss9ekfpmc.jpg

Spread over the entire face using a circular massaging motion – rinse it off and you are done with this part!

2) Super-Keana Washing (S$24.90)

 photo 10_zps4qw6yvkm.jpg

 photo 11_zpsoehkar8y.jpg

Cleanse gently. It creates fluffy foam with just a little on the palm!

 photo 12_zpswgrp5grs.jpg

Refreshed! Dirt removed and pores tightened!

And of course, the moisturizing ingredients ensure that the skin stays hydrated after cleansing!

3) Super-Keana Peeling Gel (S$34.90)

 photo 13_zpskuw4tenb.jpg

 photo 14_zpsi9srzhso.jpg


Can be used after cleansing in the shower. Gently spread across the entire face avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth.

 photo 15_zpsvkpkqciz.jpg

Massage gently in circular motion with the fingertip until the skin begins to peel.
Do note that this Peeling Gel is recommended for night use only!
And if your skin does not peel, this indicates that the skin is clean. CONGRATS!

Trust me! My skin feels so much smoother after peeling! Now I understand why it is so popular in Japan!

Product is recommended for those who are concerned about dull/darkened and rough skin.

4) Super-Keana Lotion/Toner (S$24.90)

What’s so good about Super-Keana Lotion?

 photo 16_zpseqmljuh9.jpg

Lotion contains 200% Hyaluronic acid/collagen! It’s a product you don’t wanna miss!
Skin is left dewy and supple!

 photo 17_zpsq4lu4f5m.jpg


 photo 18_zpsmf4qfeet.jpg

After – removing last trace of dirt after face wash.

 photo 19_zpsb6cgeify.jpg

Refreshing minty sensation & a subtle orange scent which helps to relax my skin.

Do ensure that the lotion is thoroughly absorbed by the cotton pad before using and be generous with the usage.

Here’s my recommendation: Place the cotton pad on your skin and use it as a mask for approximately 3 minutes! This will enhance the brightening effect.

Recommended to those with open pores concerns and those who have generally rough/dry skin.

5) Super-Keana Gel (S$34.90)

 photo 20_zpsuxbmft02.jpg

Last but not least, the crucial step in all skincare regime. – Moisturizer!
Labo Labo Super-Keana Gel is an all-in-one pore refining gel.

 photo 21_zps66f0mnqg.jpg

 photo 22_zps6qvoukga.jpg

Amazed by how Labo Labo is thoughtful of their product by including a scoop to prevent contamination and bacteria.
Really commendable!

With 3 types of AHA ingredients (lactic/malic/glycolic acid) to remove old skin cells that cause enlargement of the pores. And 4 types of pore-refining ingredients (rosa multiflora fruit/artichoke leaf/hamamelis leaf/lepidium sativum sprout extracts) to tighten enlarged pores.
This product also includes the noteworthy “high permeability vitamin C derivative (APPS).

Gel ensures smooth application of makeup even for those with noticeable pores or who frequently need to touch-up their makeup.

 photo 23_zpsqg0vftqj.jpg

Best part, fast absorbent + mild formula!
I don’t know about you but I like how the moisturizer absorbs into the skin almost immediately and it feels like it’s actually working, rather than having so much residue on the surface of the skin. Hmm.
Loathe the nasty sticky feeling though.. especially when it gets on to my pillow grrr.

Get yours today!

Products are up for grab at Dr. Ci:Labo’s outlet located at Ion Orchard #B3-41 (Contact: 6238-8395) or via online at!

*Enjoy 15% off on Labo Labo products at these selected Watsons stores from 3 November 2016 to 4 January 2017!

• Anchorpoint
• Bugis Junction
• Bukit Panjang Plaza
• Causeway Point
• Compass One
• Jurong Point
• Parkway Parade
• Takashimaya Shopping Centre
• Tiong Bahru Plaza
• Toa Payoh Hub
• Westgate
• Westmall

Prices are reasonable*
PS: Products are suitable for all ages!

Super awesome! Start your skincare regime young and you will thank yourself in years to come!

 photo 24_zpsfmc2xgvb.jpg

Ending this post with an airport ootd! Hehe till then x!

Review: Oxley Thanksgiving Residence

 photo 14333662_10202405753542082_8231558452010052650_n_zpsl442qu0n.jpg

Happy meal at Noodles Place (highly recommended so yumz) before checking in Atas @ Oxley Thanksgiving Residence for a 3d2n weekend staycation! ✨💕

Thank you for inviting us over and thank you for the great hospitality! 👏🏻🙏🏻

This isn’t the usual hotel stayca but it’s actually a Serviced Apartment. If you are not sure what a Serviced Apartment is, in short it’s actually like airbnb apartment type where you can rent the entire “HOME” to yourself which includes the living room and kitchen area. And you can really make full use of the cooking utensils such as microwave, cooking pot, plates, cutleries etc. Oh there’s even washer/dryer in the apartment itself.

Booking deets at the end of the post! 😏


 photo 14316720_10202405785182873_3451676813776431884_n_zpsvfxvxpax.jpg

 photo 14333137_10202405785622884_1637257737410837494_n_zpskgmvrnjc.jpg

 photo 14359032_10202405783222824_2766592333671195845_n_zpswzkwmngi.jpg

Views 😎⛅️

 photo 14355577_10202405783622834_1997947739012318726_n_zpslvh39vt7.jpg

Many ootd-worthy spots though hahaha! 😂

 photo 14333599_10202405751102021_8533982517886056565_n_zps7rtfs0dm.jpg

I gotta snap a photo here! Anyway, there’s a back gate here so you can tap out (with your room card) and walk over to Somerset 313 in less than 10 mins. Awesome right! HAHA finally got to experience the “living-in-town-area-feels…” hehehe.

Abel and I actually walked out to Orchard Plaza (Queens) to party, got wasted and we still managed to walk back to the Serviced Apartment LOLOL! I DON’T KNOW HOW ALSO…✋🏻

 photo 14355666_10202405784262850_5898742462014738854_n_zpsyuv8uikx.jpg

Lobby area, check in counter at the side. Not to worry about anything when you first arrive, the staffs there are really friendly and helpful.

 photo 14369879_10202405749301976_7344362168199748747_n_zpsgsymlaci.jpg

LOL IDK WHY THIS CARPARK SHOT but well, just to show you there’s a huge parking space and parking is complimentary! ^^

 photo 14355672_10202405789102971_7824265013145699346_n_zpsq4z1cwlx.jpg

100% high security, you gotta tap your card in order to use the lift up.

 photo 14359266_10202405784662860_8663764099622182945_n_zpsvllagjjc.jpg

 photo 14370232_10202405785302876_8833751828772793885_n_zpsjdjdccjp.jpg

The last unit at the corner – 1 bed room type.

You can likewise also try reserving the Studio Type which is cheaper! Smaller but still able to accommodate up to two person. 👍🏻

 photo 14364683_10202405787982943_1555444426426085514_n_zpstyshudg6.jpg

Well for me, I’d still prefer taking the 1 bedroom because it’s more spacious and there’s a door to our bedroom.

 photo 14322422_10202405785742887_86765861807929571_n_zpsoumq9ahd.jpg

 photo 14390713_10202405748101946_5598816483610050021_n_zpsfsoubpat.jpg

Main door.

 photo 14370057_10202405747861940_3685006843498363437_n_zpsthvckrtt.jpg
 photo 14390850_10202405790222999_6655547503752171690_n_zps1hq4z91n.jpg

Kitchen area.

 photo 14329948_10202405745901891_4010716920400248067_n_zpszxz2n4zd.jpg

Boil your own water btw!

 photo 14368848_10202405748341952_9093168758569270940_n_zpslkfvggr3.jpg

Complimentary from Atas @ Oxley!

 photo 14333654_10202405747221924_13623050448714834_n_zpsbgbzjzmm.jpg

 photo 14333560_10202405747701936_7046551611334110824_n_zpsgwvv11nz.jpg

TV and living room area! Super cosy I could snuggle in all day! (With aircon blasting!)

 photo 14355770_10202405751542032_5024584846953794250_n_zps0sbdvjhu.jpg

 photo 14344051_10202405752462055_429752184205645807_n_zpsni0x6hgf.jpg

 photo 14333194_10202405745661885_4217563010287155742_n_zpsnb1flj3q.jpg

Morning. Who loves full length windows like I do? ☺️

 photo 14322455_10202405786982918_4273756301837816379_n_zpshiknx6l8.jpg

Bedroom view.

 photo 14322473_10202405746261900_507358893077330681_n_zpsf4n7w9p1.jpg

Facilities: Swimming pool & Gym on the ground level.

 photo 14344146_10202405788182948_8686581954801006485_n_zpsstenrrbw.jpg

Frigging love the bedroom! Very comfortable!

 photo 14344974_10202405789622984_7197584979350507116_n_zpsfd6veeld.jpg

 photo 14344157_10202405789382978_1008640910690984896_n_zps21wz6vcd.jpg

Good hair + makeup yay!~
Man… We legit love it here! We were really happy the whole time hehe and I love it when Abel is happy 😝💖

 photo 14355658_10202405748981968_6925054158276184280_n_zpszvehz6tn.jpg

Hair dryer provided.

 photo 14390724_10202405749421979_6575578206785963947_n_zpspykmadqb.jpg

The service apartment is newly refurbished so thumbs up to clean bathroom! I’m actually very particular about this 😶

 photo 14317611_10202405746661910_1797334869003801636_n_zpsa9w7sp0i.jpg

Heater working so fineeeee 👏🏻

 photo 14322248_10202405789942992_5218941680789266744_n_zps2mczmopt.jpg

Booking details:

Check In: Any time after 12PM (noon)
Check Out: 12PM (noon)

Price: $178 SGD per night

Location: 328 River Valley Rd, 238360

Guest Access:
– 1 Bed Room with 1 Queen sized bed
– Max 2 to stay
– 1 Bathroom (with amenities)
– Washer and Dryer
– Fully air-conditioned apartments
– Broadband Wireless internet Access
– Complimentary Cable TV Channels
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Fully furnished apartment
– Twice a week housekeeping (long-term stay)
– Utilities inclusive
– Swimming Pools
– Gym
– 24-hr security & CCTV surveillance
– 24 hr Management office
– Round the clock front office, card proximity security system

***CONTACT: DAVE @ +65 9338 6098 (via whatsapp is fine, owner’s reply is prompt)

Clearer photos:

 photo 6f75a5c2-bc8f-46fd-b3d6-a5f02d0684ed_zpsbhxtvafa.jpg

Studio apartment type

 photo 72ff8cc3-aaca-4786-be12-2142055c9fa9_zps7zby70lc.jpg

Swimming pool (full access)

 photo ab690830-a171-4e2d-9b05-b80ac2faf17e_zpsy9cjdusa.jpg

Gym (full access)

Ok now sharing my honest thoughts and opinion with you guys:
Oxley Thanksgiving Residence is indeed a really nice place for couples or friends to hang-out. A weekend getaway from home sure is a refreshing experience. I wouldn’t mind having staycation like this once every few months hahaha!

However, I wouldn’t recommend couples with young children here as there is no children facilities in the serviced apartment. Unless if you don’t mind that, you can try reserving a larger apartment type, they do provide 2 bedrooms too and it’s spacious & clean!

 photo 14344294_10202405754102096_326218307859356194_n_zpspshuuhf9.jpg

Ending the post with an ootd! Top fom IG @Closetmino, Authentic Chanel bag via @Luxeforlease, heels from, hair by Bryan & Ryan from Kim Robinson!



Hollaaaa my friends! Skipping the Japan trip post for this short little (lame) HUMBLE post because I’m free during lunch hour but not too free to bombard a long post.. 😂😝

Okay good news first!!!!! 🙌🏻


We went to HK for just a few hours during the starcruise trip and the both of us are dying to go back! I love the streets the food the subway the style the way people speak in canto!

Not sure if it’s cheap or normal or expensive. Flight + accommodation = $420 per person. BOOKED OUR ACCOMODATION VIA AIRBNB THIS TIME ROUND.
First time trying out Airbnb.. I am praying so hard…. Will keep you guys posted on the experience k hehe. 😇😇😇

I don’t think I’m doing any shopping because my wardrobe is totally bursting zz.

I’m not sure how much to bring. Any advice?? We are going to Ocean Park! But not Disney land.

Ahhhhh on a side note, I am left with 3.5 days of leave this year. Deep shittttt… ._. I need my leave for BKK end of year as well man…

 photo 14141654_10202296342206867_1695792645070207650_n_zps5m94fjyj.jpg

Anyway, Zalora Event the other day. Thank you for having me!

Chicken Up for refreshment because it’s Zalora loves Korean Fashion event!~

 photo 14055164_10202296293005637_2750682611220308974_n_zpsc8k4cwop.jpg
 photo 14088657_10202296292525625_7114221536919252412_n_zpsqe2akkty.jpg
 photo 14054132_10202296292805632_2669203695232479762_n_zpsb8zpm6hj.jpg


 photo 14022169_10202296291325595_6120517296254269507_n_zpsjb0qbmjd.jpg
 photo 14088524_10202296291445598_7033303060497631243_n_zpsj37uxjv5.jpg

JB for supper and massage kind of day and I will never go back for the massage.
Not a fan for thai style massage anyway zz. And the masseuse asked us to tip them FUCK is this. No more ever. But I don’t mind at all going back for the abalone noodles and loklok!!!! TOO YUMZ TOO WORTH!

 photo 14102547_10202296296325720_432117973805089142_n_zpswmekbu45.jpg
 photo 14102716_10202296295885709_4394416357139167189_n_zpsmqdytqap.jpg

Top from (Joannaspy for %)

And my new ever fav. Comfy heels from – CHEAPLOOTS ARE ZE BEST. + the quality is rlly not bad 😏

Thank you ohmeow for always sending me pretty apparels and stuffs! ✨

 photo 14088591_10202297176027712_7829358005722019027_n_zpsefhioewf.jpg

New set of eyelashes extension done by Vainbeauty. 📍 FEP #03-140. Mention my name for $8 off. If you are interested in my design; this set is $68, so after the discount it would b $60.

Never thought of switching my eyelashes sponsor at all because I really love it! And the lady boss is rlly the nicest!
I prefer her doing for me personally instead! *thumbs up* My extensions can last up to more than a month. Not kidding! ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

 photo 14053965_10202296289885559_7461833103322529688_n_zpssdmam4jl.jpg

😍 好看吗?
Watch from (“joannaspy” for 12% off) & Journey to the West adjustable bracelets from
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing the bracelets ok. Other designs available.^^

 photo 14039933_10202296295445698_1351830172076445738_n_zpsz0batmpc.jpg
 photo 14045556_10202296295125690_3086943820360243112_n_zpsnusvl0t1.jpg
 photo 14055077_10202296290365571_1764156080952997194_n_zpsekdxvjzg.jpg
 photo 14079821_10202296291005587_2940901974715164233_n_zpsso80pq2q.jpg

Coordinates via!!!! – “Joannaspy20” for 20% off! HOT DEALLLLLLLLL~

 photo 14100313_10202296289205542_8729306791210539599_n_zpses6zosmq.jpg

GEM ALERT IN MARSILING! Worth a mention! I am starting to prefer herbal bkt over the pepper ones. People staying in Woodlands area shld give it a try.
So much for only $23 say whuttt.
BYE! 💕

ABC Cooking Studio x Japan (day 1)

First of all, a big thank you to ABC Cooking Studio for organizing this first ever media trip to Japan! 🎌💗

And thank you My Fat Pocket for this rare opportunity 💋💯

Was so honoured to be part of it! It’s my first time travelling to Japan (and also the first time travelling alone.. without Abel ofc..)

I love travelling! Hopefully there will be more fun trips coming ahead! 🙏🏻 I don’t mind anywhere! Just out of SG PLEASE..

Anyway, visuals:

DAY 1 @ Narita – Tomisato – Kimitsu and
Kisarazhu! 🎏

 photo Capture_zpscwahiate.png

Had dinner with Abel at Changi before he sent me off to the airport. Love you sillyhead! Promise we will travel more together! 🙇🏻🙇🏻

 photo 14079519_10202280647654513_7447541577450349295_n_zpsn1sj0yu7.jpg

✈️ Midnight flight = Movie time + snacks. (I was actually watching “How to be single”)
So super thankful that we were travelling in SQ. The ride was so smooth and comfortable!
Fell right asleep after the show…

 photo 14046055_10202280647854518_7867967650977211190_n_zpsy5xzjb85.jpg

After a good nap in the plane, breakfast was served ^^ ✌🏻️🙆🏼

Swear it’s all about eating during this trip… Damnnnnn but it’s so worth the calories!

 photo 13925076_10202280652894644_3725163316659352384_n_zpsvxeqhzdd.jpg

Finally arrived at the Narita Airport in the morning after 6 hours.
Was given this little gift from the tour guide upon our first meeting.
The best part… FREE SIM CARM AND WIFI!

 photo 14021615_10202280654374681_4038344926160170750_n_zpslgmjtmko.jpg

First stop after arriving at Japan! Straight to fresh watermelon tasting!

 photo 14046043_10202280667815017_8741623461110599924_n_zpsgxejjrvn.jpg

Hi Claire :*

 photo 14089135_10202280655094699_8724310149639537609_n_zpsropafena.jpg


 photo 14095883_10202280648054523_7273553170237603310_n_zps0kmbeav6.jpg
 photo 14089223_10202280667335005_2263097320478617657_n_zpsghnx6fja.jpg
 photo 14102569_10202280653694664_2605128062060735930_n_zps3w8evrmt.jpg
 photo 14088636_10202280656454733_6370731802062040073_n_zpss1ivsvxt.jpg

Never miss an OOTD worthy shot.

 photo 14068118_10202280663054898_7451104159902079630_n_zpsn8jqdjya.jpg

Blow wind blow~~ Mood was soooo good over there! ^^ I don’t feel grumpy at all even though I was supposed to be having PMS..

 photo 14088562_10202280653334655_7146451291223364613_n_zpshntptaok.jpg

Visited the local supermarket👍🏻

 photo 14063855_10202280655494709_8511108963127551474_n_zpslf0wgyir.jpg

Free sweetcorns over here! Not a fan at all but this is SO FRESH AND YUMZ. 🌽🌽🌽

 photo 14079668_10202280665334955_6141500674729465319_n_zpswyk0hloy.jpg
 photo 14035004_10202280668055023_3331903462817489692_n_zpsynzzbk67.jpg

Busy looting~

 photo 14055192_10202280665454958_3636142044846212055_n_zps8quzvica.jpg

Together with the other bloggers and ABC Cooking studio members ^^
It was so nice meeting them all! 🙆🏼❤️

 photo 14039892_10202280656894744_7202415755962395504_n_zpsk077l0de.jpg

Quick Selfie during the bus ride..

 photo 14089144_10202280657334755_3092470353823692621_n_zpsd09l382o.jpg

Surviving with 3 hours of sleep but we ain’t complaining. We were too excited! We didn’t even take a nap in the bus because we don’t wna miss out on anythinggg!

 photo 14064126_10202280662534885_4541594669788013507_n_zpszj1knv5a.jpg

Next up, Japanese sushi making! 🍙🍚🍣😍😍😍

 photo 14095698_10202280655854718_3761434044603202629_n_zps2hypfcet.jpg

Learnt how to make our very own traditional sushi and I COULDN’T BE MORE PROUD! *PATHEAD*

And it tastes soooooo good! The rice and tamago are so sweet! 🙊✨

 photo 14089127_10202280661014847_6000480399364646671_n_zpslwcrgypr.jpg

Unbelievably pretty!! Obasam has got skills. 💯👍🏻

 photo 14064312_10202280662694889_2832876506473305157_n_zps0qagn6h7.jpg

Last stop – toothpick-making session
using samurai. HAHA. Not kidding pals.. It’s actually very dangerous and we gotta do it slowly. It was tough but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun to make!

 photo 14064142_10202280658334780_8280650186768346247_n_zpsgjs8izrg.jpg

Pretty flowers spotted… everywhere! 🌷🌸🌼🌺🌻

 photo 14054204_10202280667655013_8462585195951590105_n_zpsvnyspley.jpg
Yayyyy finally!!! Ryugujo Spa Hotel Mikazuki (Japanese-style room)
It’s time to rest our body.

 photo 14117754_10202280665974971_8292944658021863266_n_zpsyowsule3.jpg

Hotel view 😍! So pretty! I literally sat by the window and zoned out for awhile in the morning after waking up.. I truly appreciate pretty hotel views. ✋🏻
It makes me happyyyy!

 photo 14068125_10202280665694964_1433606951698302760_n_zpsay1rrgwl.jpg

The room is pretty big and day 1 was supposed to be a shared room.

So glad I was sharing the room with Sydney and Claire.

Ahhh I miss spending the night talking to Sydney and Claire before bed already!
It was so fun with them and I really don’t mind doing it all over again! 🙏🏻

 photo 14102303_10202280668375031_7313981432817800531_n_zpstncckbqd.jpg

Japan International + Traditional buffet. Love the spread tooo much I can’t believe how much I’ve stuffed myself with 😣😣😣

 photo 14039951_10202280671335105_3285253188443596310_n_zpsuryr3wxi.jpg

Dressed up in Yutaka for the dinner. What an experience! 🙋🏼👘

Sigh.. We missed the Onsen session because we were too lazy and tired after showering.

The best part about this hotel is actually the Onsens made with 24k gold.
That’s why it’s so expensive and popular. Oh well…

That’s pretty much about it for Day 1. I will keep come back to post more about the rest of the trip! 🇯🇵
Come visit this space everyday ok? ❤️❤️❤️



 photo 14051559_10202254867450024_1038438580006586964_n_zps0vooz1zy.jpg

Greeting you with my face! Did a short clip for Guardian & I can’t wait for it to be out. Hope it’s good 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Anyway, Pokemon is really the big “IN” thing rn. At least for the year 2016. It’s so ridiculous seeing everyone around me playing. EVERYONE. Even parents playing together with their children. How cool is that!

I can’t believe I actually thought it’s the lamesttttt game ever when it’s out and now I am like a big fan..

I literally went to re-watch the cartoon all over again. WTF. And I tear-ed a little during the first episode where Pikachu almost died WTFFFFFx2…

So in the end, Abel and I really went to Hougang 401 to join the crayyy crowd.


We were there for at least a good 1 hour. Tsktsk. Pretty worth it I guess, caught a few rare ones.

But no snorlex deeee ahhhhhh 😑😭
And if you are following me on snapchat, I actually caught people dashing across the road to the other side shouting “SNORLEX SNORLEX”??!?
I know there’s sighting but you can’t exactly predict where Snorlex will be at right? It’s kind of on random isn’t it? So weird.. 😕


 photo 13906615_10202254871610128_11165498069056383_n_zpsvbqsbjmm.jpg


 photo 14034686_10202254872050139_560410798544290836_n_zpswcnvokax.jpg
 photo 14045810_10202254880930361_5167249103876130699_n_zpsoxqidc0p.jpg

Hair by Kimrobinson. Love to visit everytime because my hair stylists are 👍🏻💣 and their hair treatment is 💯!

 photo 13920981_10202254872330146_4705300983246003104_n_zpsxdnelvll.jpg
 photo 14046112_10202254872610153_7245407982508599422_n_zps5uar89bi.jpg

Why am I so short without my wedges… I wish I was taller, with longer legs at least. Sigh. 😣 I hate looking like a midget when I’m not wearing heels. I actually feel more comfy in heels than in flats.

 photo 14040080_10202254858649804_6454008177256657444_n_zpsnk8aczbn.jpg
 photo 14040051_10202254857969787_312486337805816686_n_zpsoarftcsi.jpg

Toilet selfie. My face looks like 💩 all the time during work. SO TIRED EVERYDAY Zz..

 photo 13895534_10202254867730031_6495314087545297412_n_zpsiwnlwmky.jpg
 photo 13903267_10202254857489775_2328445135198931479_n_zpsfhlt9sfg.jpg

I got a problem with taking similar photos. 😊😊😊😊😊

 photo 14054943_10202254864329946_2965498266412761498_n_zpsyy2im05v.jpg
 photo 14034746_10202254859809833_7687539330080637025_n_zpscw6z4fyf.jpg


Anyway, I’m so excited because we are gonna have Domino’s Pizza for dinner today! It’s been awhile nomnom
Do check out my Instagram for discount quote! AND PLEASE USE MY CODE WHEN YOU ARE ORDERING DOMINO’S! MANY XIE!

Random thoughts

Hello everyone.

Feel so depressed & blue suddenly. Not sure why. And nope, it’s not pms.

Maybe it’s just me.
I wish I could just pen down some thoughts freely over here but I guess somehow it wldn’t be too appropriate and it may indirectly offend someone. SO NOPE! Keeping it to myself and I will just rant the hell out of it to Abel.
BUT it’s seriously nth personal against anyone at all! It’s just me being a greedy someoneeee.

And I want so so so much more in life. I know I’m considered fortunate as compared to others but somehow I don’t feel contented. I’m not sure if it’s my horoscope to blame or is it just me being a b***tch in life lol. Either ways it’s just really bad. I feel dejected. It’s like I wanted something so bad in my life but I am not actually doing anything to achieve it. Just.. frigging hate myself.
Omg! It’s actually making me more moody typing this down.  What happened to all of my positive vibes? Tsktsk.




Pokemon is so fun it’s getting too addictive! I hope it doesn’t eat too much data..

And yay, the weekend’s coming again! I WNA GO HOUGANG AREA TO CATCH POKEMONS TOMORROW. And I will be there tomorrow night. See you my friends if you are going there as well HAHA.

Anyway, some photos to share over here (not in my instagram)

 photo 13939541_10202236350267106_7129516898153279702_n_zpsra6g4sod.jpg

Ion lol

 photo 13939508_10202236349547088_4850826634438896158_n_zpszeidoymi.jpg

Braving the hot sun. I’m slightly tanner now & I am not proud zz.

 photo 13879298_10202236349987099_2486048479158169432_n_zpsop23y466.jpg
 photo 13902730_10202236349347083_8525957568254436977_n_zpsgertdv6b.jpg

 photo 13939615_10202236352867171_8433713200272849028_n_zpsym7u2tyf.jpg

Full outfit via Purpur!

 photo 13925285_10202236343626940_2724660685751557180_n_zpshgsleegz.jpg

Candid by Abel

 photo 13912794_10202236357707292_686524522680622191_n_zpstuc6s7sn.jpg

Choker top from Wonderstellar. Love this piece!

 photo 13907070_10202236351067126_9190613588758081021_n_zps6xipgfv7.jpg

I kind of love carpark shots because I’m sheltered! LOL!

 photo 13938626_10202236355187229_717984009495998446_n_zpskngthbvk.jpg
 photo 13907040_10202236357387284_7764984344806740413_n_zpsb0uq2htk.jpg
AHBOY 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻
 photo 13925303_10202236356027250_3624275930746688828_n_zpscjjy5xvx.jpg

Breko café at Holland Village. YUMS!

Anyone has flea market lobang? I need it desperately I swear.
Carousell isn’t moving fast enough sigh..

 photo 13886373_10202236350747118_7635044128607131304_n_zpsnoc50hkd.jpg

 photo 13882642_10202236351547138_6507201172176348128_n_zps3i40azxj.jpg
 photo 13876142_10202236351347133_4611826620251251831_n_zpsuhyvdhei.jpg
Love de Beauteous for my monthly wombcare! Which is a miracle to meeeeee.
Strongly strongly recommended to girls! Especially the ones that suffer bad cramps monthly.
Contact 9071 9318 (via whatsapp is fine) to book your appointment and you can mention my name for discounts!
 photo 13872958_10202236358347308_6463279672543707495_n_zpszfxlchzu.jpg
Best hotpot place ever…
Alright bye.