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A lil' bit of everything

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My Experience with Nose Thread Lift and Nose Fillers

Hi everyone, I have something I wished to share for a long time. Things have gotten better and I think I am ready to share my experience. As you all know, I am a very vain girl right? haha. If I am not vain, I […]


Oh god I hope I am not the only one… Anyone here experience dry scalp that leads to itchiness, tightness on your scalp, redness and even fine powdery flakes (dandruff) when you scratch your head? This is especially apparent when I’ve been out the whole […]

Life now

Hi world! It’s been totally awhile since I’ve last updated this space. I’ve just recently started my youtube channel and I’m really excited to share some personal vlogs, makeup look or even other interesting topics over there! I’ve already uploaded a few videos! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/joannaspy […]

Dr Ora SG

My whitening supplement to go – DR ORA AURA WHITE Dr. Ora AURA WHITE contains nourishing, natural ingredients which help to lighten skin, fade dark spots and pigmentation. It not only helps to regulate cell renewal cycle, but also delivers brighter and clearer skin. Benefits […]

Clifford Clinic Singapore – Secret RF & Agnes Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal

Hello! I’m back with another blog entry! So the other day, my Mom was just telling me how bothered she was with her left eye-bag and she feels really upset and inferior about it. Whenever she’s out with her friends, people would make a quick […]

Premium Beetroot Essence – Hao Yi Kang SG

Lunch meet-up with my camera-shy darling, Min Li, a week back and I can’t even recall how many times we have both harped on the importance of “High Metabolism Rate” over our lunch now that we are feeling the signs of aging criessss! Sigh this […]

9sInterior Singapore – Best Interior Design Company

http://9sinterior.com/ One of the major changes in my life in 2018 includes moving into Abel’s house permanently! Nothing new of course. In fact, we have been staying/living together ever since the start (or rather the 1st year of dating) hahaha! Yes both of our parents […]

2018 Recap

2018 Recap

2018 has ended and I was so amazed at how quick time flies! Definitely a fruitful and joyous one. And I hope 2019 would be better! Let me have a quick recap of 2018 for memory keepsake okay! Started off 2018 with an awesome staycation and tasting […]

Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Overnight Treatment + Hyaluron-Filler Skincare Routine – Is it truly a non-invasive alternative?

http://blogmyfatpocket.com/joannaspy/ Hi guys, it has been awhile! As the title suggests, you can guess that I will be introducing a new range of skin care products today! Okay well, I’ve been incorporating Eucerin® ‘s Hyaluron-Filler Skincare range into my daily skincare regime for 2 weeks […]

Thanksgiving Serviced Residence

(photo from booking.com) Had a chance to be back here again with another 3d2n stay at Thanksgiving Serviced Residence! Very thankful!! I was so excited as both Abel and I have truly enjoyed the first experience with them! Read our first experience at Thanksgiving Serviced […]