Win $15k to start your own business with Latacyd

 Win $15k to start your own business with Latacyd




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Lactacyd has formulated a new and extensive range of feminine hygiene solutions enriched with different benefits. All their products are dermatologically tested, and are made from natural and mild ingredients for intimate health without any risk of irritation. For more info –

I really like this brand Lactacyd for the works they are doing to empower women. I feel that we shouldn’t limit the things we can do as women as we have all the power to do anything we want to, in fact I think we are stronger than men (that’s why God chose the women to give birth).

Somehow, after being a mummy I feel even stronger than before and I am ready to be more adventurous and do so much more with my life. I know I need to be successful so I can provide my family with the best that I can give and be a greater blessing to others with the financial freedom to help more in the society.

And for those of you who are younger, it is important to plan for success because you have to take care of your family and future kids.

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Lactacyd not only helps to complete your beauty regime by taking care of your V, it also aims to inspire confidence in women by encouraging them to follow their dreams and strive to make their aspirations a reality. Very similar cause to my ‘WHY’ in blogging, as I hope that through my blog I am able to encourage women to have more confidence and belief in themselves and to follow their passion and strive to make their aspirations a reality.

This time round Lactacyd is running a new campaign to give all aspiring entrepreneurs out there a chance to realise their dreams of starting up their own business!

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This is super cool! I wish when I started my own business there was such a great contest for me to take part and win. Start up capital is so crucial in any business as cash-flow for any new business is important.

Participation is simple: Log on to the Lactacyd “Veni, Vidi, Vici” Contest Facebook app, register your details and tell us your brilliant business idea. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER at the end of the contest period wins a business start-up package worth SGD15,000! The TOP 10 FINALISTS will also be given the opportunity to have 1-on-1 interview sessions with women of substance from top international companies to receive first-hand tips.

I use to hold a 9-5 desk job in a MNC company and I know deep down inside this isn’t what I wanted to do because every morning I had to drag myself out of bed and force myself to go to work. I realised that this was because I do not have passion in the work that I am doing. I know it’s was time after 3 years to step up and make a change.

Now, although that I have to work more but every morning I woke up with excitementlooking forward to meeting clients and doing the things that I love to do.

FYI, I hold a real estate licence, run a beauty & nail salon that also distributes beauty/nails supplies and a branding business consultancy. I like meeting new people and running a business with human touch.  

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There was also pains and struggles with lots of hard work along the way from the start of my entrepreneurship journey to where I am today. But I never stop trying, learning, improving myself and pushing myself to a higher ground.

Probably many of you, like me might feel that you were never the smartest, richest, prettiest or the strongest among the crowd. I have thoughts of that so maybe, I am not good enough to start my own business in that case. But don’t let this stop you. I never thought I could own successful businesses ever in my life until I TRY. Yeah the key word is ‘TRY’. You never know if you are going to succeed until you have tried.


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When I first started my own business. There was of course also many fears and concerns since I have no prior experience in running a business and I come from an chemical engineering diploma background.

At times, I also have to push myself out of my comfort zone to do things that I wasn’t comfortable with. But like the poster below says, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

You need to just make the decision to step out of that comfort zone.


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I believe everyone is destine for greatness. I hope my sharing had inspired you in someway or another. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hesitate no more if you aspire to have your own business and step into entrepreneurship doing things you love to do.

Make your dream a reality with Lactacyd Veni, Vidi, Vici contest. Lactacyd aims to fulfil one aspiring women entrepreneur’s dream of being her own boss by giving out SGD15,000 start-up package to the lucky winner. The contest also gives the top 10 finalists the opportunity to meet top women entrepreneurs from international companies to get valuable insights and tips.

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