What I’ve Recently Learned About Bed Bugs


What I’ve Recently Learned About Bed Bugs

Just last week, a friend of mine sent me a Whatsapp message with some photos of her son’s insect bites. The poor boy was covered in so many bites and they all looked so painful (and too gross to publish)! He was bleeding from some of the wounds and some blood even stained his mattress! Poor thing!

Anyway, my friend couldn’t tell what was causing the marks on her son, so she asked me if I knew. Since the bites could have been caused by a large variety of insects and bugs such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, ants and many more, I was at a loss as to where to even begin my research. My son Jack often gets mosquito bites and has bad allergic reactions to it but those bites that my friend shown me does look like mosquitoes bites. I myself also got some spider bites recently, it doesn’t look like spiders too.

So I was puzzled and curious to find out what had caused the gruesome bites. Thankfully, I came across this Singapore pest control website with lots of information on the different pests you can find in Singapore.

PestControlSingapore.net offers many helpful articles that cover a wide range of topics on how to deal with pests–such as, pest control practices, how we can identify bite marks, how to prevent pests…just to name a few. It was this website that helped me to find out what was causing the bite marks on my friend’s son after just minutes of scanning their website.

Pest control Singapore

I am so glad I found their site because most pest control blogs or websites don’t provide enough information on local pests and people like us have to search for more websites on our own. I love how they put up a lot of articles on pest control from the perspective of a fellow Singaporean so that we can all learn to protect ourselves from these creepy crawlies.

Because my son Jack is also extremely allergic to insect bites, I find most of the articles on the website useful for me to learn more about these pests and insects. A few months ago, I have no idea too what bite Jack on this head and it swelled up like a ballon.

In my search for the source of the bites on the boy (I found out he was bitten by bed bugs), I also learned how to check if my house had cockroaches and rats so that I can protect my family from these unsavoury creatures.


I’ve summarised a few key points that I’ve learned from the blog, so that you can also find out if your home has bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Their bites usually come in clusters.
  • The bites usually occurs only at night
  • Your mattress may be stained from the blood and may even smell because of bed bug crap (ugh, disgusting!)


I feel like a pest control expert! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Later that day, I sent my friend a Whatsapp message telling her that her son’s bite marks came from bed bugs. She was quite surprised at first because she had been regularly washing the sheets and mattresses before her son was bitten.

So, I ran another search for her on PestControlSingapore.net and found out that these bed bugs cannot be killed easily with simple washing and that if not handled properly, these bugs can scatter and even infest a neighbours home. I shared with my friend my findings by sending her the link to the website and encouraged her to seek professional help.

Just today, I received another Whatsapp message from her saying that she has taken my advice and called in the bed bug control professionals from that website. Her home is now bed bugs free.

If you would like to give some ideas of how to check your house for insects and pest or prevent them or need to hire a professional to solve your current pest problem. I think this pest control website (http://www.pestcontrolsingapore.net) might just help you.



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