Ways to get Rid of Stretch Marks

Ways to get Rid of Stretch Marks

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What is stretch marks? 

Streaks or stripes on the skin, especially on the abdomen, caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy.

Most women would get stretch marks during pregnancy no matter how much bio-oil or anti stretch marks cream you would apply diligently. I have seen people with no stretch marks at all after childbirth but that’s a rare case and I am not lucky enough to be one of them. My baby’s size is rather quite the big boned type and tall due to his half Caucasian bloodline. My stomach was over stretched so badly it feels like it is going to split open during my final month of pregnancy. I am very conscious of my stretch marks so I would never dare to wear shorter length Tee shirts and tops because I was afraid if I were to raise my arms or if my top flew up, people can see those horrible cracked looking stretch marks.

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So what are the ways to get rid of stretch marks?

Solution 1. Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch Mark Removal Cream can reduce the appearance of unwanted stretch marks. There are many such products out there. Most popular in Singapore is probably bio-oil which you can get it in all Watsons and Guardian. If you would like to find out other brands of stretch mark removal cream out there, here is a recommendation of top 5 stretch mark creams of 2015.  http://stretch-marks-center.com

Solution 2. Eating Certain Types of Foods that Prevent Stretch Marks

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1. Gelatin – It is often said that the collagen content in gelatin is directly related to skin health. The truth is, consuming gelatin is a long-term fix for skin elasticity. The collagen content likely does help, but it’s more likely that the larger preventive effect comes from the overall nourishment and health effects of gelatin on the skin. That said, gelatin is purported to improve skin health overall. It’s made of amino acids, high in glycine, and supportive of healthy cell metabolism. You can consume gelatin in its powdered form (either the kind that “gels” or the kind that dissolves and doesn’t “gel”), or you can consume it in foods like homemade bone broths (chicken feet are super high in gelatin–throw them in your broth!). There’s no specific amount you “should” eat to get the effects you want, but gelatin is a very safe food and it has many other benefits too. Consuming gelatin everyday is perfectly healthy and reasonable. Consider at least one tablespoon of the powder per day or a couple servings of bone broth.

2. Foods high in antioxidants,vitamins C, A, and E specifically, are related to the nourishment, healing, and health of the skin. These foods have an anti-inflammatory effect and also reduce free radicals in the body and skin, helping the skin maintain it’s elasticity and firmness. Vitamin C is specifically related to collagen formation, and collagen health is directly related to skin elasticity!

3. Coconut Oil, Butter, and Olive Oil – Foods High in Saturated and Monounsaturated Fats have been shown to improve skin elasticity, probably because elastic fibers and collagen require fat to be nourished and healthy.

Source: http://www.thrive-style.com/2014/03/prevent-stretch-marks/


Solution 3. Laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries

The Long-pulsed Laser is effective in reducing the reddish colour of stretch marks effectively and stopping some of the inflammation that causes these marks. In addition, collagen and elastin fibre production are encouraged to make the skin look more natural.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing targets white-coloured stretch marks, which may not experience improvements similar to that of red stretch marks. The appearance of white-coloured stretch marks can be improved moderately.

People always thought that Laser treatments are very expensive treatments for stretch marks. But actually nowadays it has become very affordable and is not as expensive as you think. The results are must faster and definitely more visible too.

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