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This post will mark the end of Jack’s Pampers journey.  It’s been a pleasure blogging as a Pampers Featured Parent with little Jack for this blogging contest. As a new mum, there are so much to learn. And I enjoyed learning and sharing my experiences on my blog. It seems like just a while ago when I had baby Jack and he is already almost 6 months old now. This photo below is taken at Jack One month old party and he already look so different now compared to then. Babies really grow up very fast. So do try to spend as much time as possible with your little one.   photo

Family is the most important thing to me. I came from a broken family myself, therefore I wanted so much more to give my son a happy family and I will try hard to give the best I can to Jack.


Life have never been more fulfilling since I have baby Jack.

Being a mum is hard work but REWARDING!

IMG_7803 IMG_7802   It is definitely not easy having to juggle doing real estate full time, run my beauty salon, be active in blogging and being a mummy.

Being a mum is God’s greatest gift to me. And I thank God for a cheerful healthy baby.



In my pampers blogging campaign, I have shared about…

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10 Tips to Bond with your Lovely Baby

8 Playtime Activities With Your Baby

Diaper Tips & Nappy Rash Remedy

I really hope you had enjoyed reading them and the tips had helped you.


Do watch this 30 seconds special video I created for Jack’s Pampers journey below…



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Please vote for Jessie (Jack’s mummy) to help Jack win a 1 year supply of Pampers.

And the 10 voters will win 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry.

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Bye Bye! *muacks*