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Vitamins needed for Strong Nails?

Healthy nails reflect a healthy body. If your nails have a natural shine, are strong and free of ridges or other blemishes, this is a sign that your diet is providing you with the nutrients needed to keep your nails in optimum shape. If your nails are brittle, dry, dull and weak, this is a sign that essential vitamins may be missing from your diet. Because our health is reflected from the inside out, a balanced diet that focuses on nutrients that enrich the nails is an important key in allowing our fingers and toes to look as beautiful as they can.

What Nails Need

Nails are composed of keratin, the same protein found in the hair and skin. Nails require not only this protein, but key vitamins such as the B-complex, C, A, E (alpha tocopherol), D, calcium, zinc, iodine and iron. When our nails are not receiving enough of these vitamins, or when our body cannot absorb them properly due to illness, stress or other factors, they will begin to become brittle, dry, weak and dull.

Therefore I myself took Zinc supplements everyday. Zinc is required in the healing of injuries, and is necessary for growth and development, healthy Skin, hair growth, Nails, insulin production, immunity, smell, taste, and fertility. I feel that Zinc is like the beauty tablet most related to beauty with health benefits.


Remember that supplements alone are not enough. Healthy, fresh foods are the best way to create a vibrant body that reflects itself in gleaming, strong, enviable nails.

Try Vitamin Rich Foods for Healthy Nails

If your diet is filled with the right kinds of foods, your nails will show it. Eating balanced meals filled with fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, free range eggs, fish, seeds and nuts is an excellent way to ensure that your nails will get the nutrients they need. These foods all contain vitamins that assist in nurturing the nails, nail beds and cuticles. Additionally, a minimum of eight glasses of water a day will help to eliminate toxins in the body, allowing nutrients to do their job more efficiently.

Including the following fruits and vegetables in your daily diet will help to keep your nails in tip top shape: Avocado, apples, grapes, asparagus, cucumbers, garlic, green leafy vegetables, celery, onions and sweet potatoes.