Trichology Herbal Hair Growth Training Course

Trichology Herbal Hair Growth Training Course

An awfully high numbers of both men and women which 1 out of 3 people are suffering from hair loss problems. These numbers are increases everyday expotentialy. The secret that I would like to share today is that most people do not know that natural herbs and botanical extracts can effectively treat scalp problems, aids hair growth and strengthens hair roots. Since this is 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC there is no side effects compared to taking drugs and medications eg. Minoxidil (Rogaine) needs you to keep applying the medication to retain benefits while many other drugs like Finasteride (Propecia) causes more hair loss once you stopped.

Not talking about the side effects like scalp irritation, unwanted hair growth on the adjacent skin of the face and hands, sudden weight gain, rapid heart rate, bouts of anger, depression, iminished sex drive and sexual function and an increased risk of prostate cancer…and many many more.

While hair transplant surgery should really be the last resort as they are expensive, very painful with possible risks that includes bleeding and scarring. Not everyone’s body can take the trauma of going through a hair transplant surgery.

So the sad thing is that most people who are troubled with hair loss problems just do not know where to turn to for help.

Beauty Recipe Academy and Lush Clinic Group Founder; Jessie Ting have a family history of genetic hair loss and after having her first child, the post pregnancy hormonal changes made her lose even more hair. Failing results and side effects from western medicine, Jessie seek help from her Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor for alternatives. Her life changed after discovering herbs and botanical extracts can be made into effective treatments that could help with her hair loss.

“Freshly grinned herbs was blended and made into a paste for me to apply as a scalp mask once a week. At that time, I was pretty skeptical if these could really work. After a couple of treatments, I noticed that there were lesser hair clogging the shower drains. In just a few months, I was extremely happy to see many baby hair growing out from my receding hairline and crown of my head.” JESSIE TING

GENHAIR Herbal Hair Care System was then developed to gain back confidence & solve hair loss problems.

Two different Herbal Hair Tonics and 14 different types of organic handmade shampoo bars with natural herbs and botanic extracts were also developed by us to target different scalp issues that guarantees your success in the hair growth journey. 

Not only can the herbal treatment and products nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair roots and prevent hair loss. It can giving you glossy healthy hair with vibrant colour & the aroma of ginseng & many other revitalising herbs will leave you smelling heavenly. ALSO, you can kill two birds with one stone to cover the grey/white hair with herbal hair colouring while doing your herbal treatment at the same time making it even more cost and time effective. Hair colouring with no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia sounds like a dream come true. There is 6 colours to choose from. 

Other than Herbal Treatment, this course will include other cutting age hair growth simulation methods like micro infusion.

Trichology Herbal Hair Growth Training Course Fee:

Online Training Video + Kit(worth $1100) = $880 USD / $1200 Singapore Dollars

Live Training + Live Model Practice with Kit (worth $1100)=  $1500 USD / $2000 Singapore Dollars

Certificate awarded completion of course with world wide accreditation for insurance 

Course Duration: 1 day

LIVE PRACTICAL Training Hours: 8 Hours

Course Content:

Causes of Hair Loss

Understanding hair follicles, scalp, hair growth cycle

Scalp & Hair Analysis

Different types of scalp conditions and scalp problems

14 types of natural herbs and botanic extracts and how they help hair growth

Herbal Hair Colouring without chemicals

Infa red high frequency ozone treatment

Scalp Micro Infusion

Herbal Scalp Treatment

Prescribing Herbal Remedy for different scalp & hair loss problems

Diet recommendation to different scalp & hair loss problems

Guarantee Results with No side effects. Proven to give you a healthy scalp.

Read Client’s review here: Glen’s review on herbal hair journey

Training Kit includes:

– 200x Quality Scalp Analysis Machine

– Software for scalp condition report

– Infa red high frequency ozone treatment machine

– GENHAIR Herbal Hair Mask (500g)

– GENHAIR Hair Fall Control Shampoo (300 ml)

– GENHAIR Scalp Care Shampoo (300 ml)

– GENHAIR Scalp Tonic 1 for Oily, Dandruff and Itchy Scalp (100 ml)

– GENHAIR Scalp Tonic 2 for Promoting Hair Loss & Promote Healthy Hair Growth (100 ml)

– GENHAIR 24K Gold Micro Infusion Device

– GENHAIR Hair Growth Infusion

We have training academies and offices based in Singapore and Jakarta. Online Video course training option also available for students worldwide.

Official training details page:

For appointment booking and course enquiry call hotline: whatsapp +65 9859 3982

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