Things to do in Batam

  Batam one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago Indonesia. It is about 20km off Singapore, takes 45 minutes with the ferry journey from Singapore to Batam. As many says, it is a place for a perfect weekend getaway near Singapore. The last time I went there I was in my teens. I can’t really remember much of it …

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Sean told me a few days ago that his work will be sending him to Chicago for 3 weeks! SOOO FARR!!! And with the time difference also it will be hard to keep in touch with him while he is there. He does travel often for his job and I really hate it when he has to go for so …

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1 Week in Tokyo

Heading off to market? no lah.. to the hot spring

1 week just flew by like that. The trip was a great experience and eye opener. Much of the time was meeting business people and looking at some of Japan’s latest technology and machineries. But managed to fill in with some fun time at the Hot spring resort at Mount Haku and shopping too. The Japanese are very orderly and …

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