Top Rated Best Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Top Rated Best Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Mink Magnetic Eyelashes are harder to find. I have tried over 20 sets of magnetic lashes which I bought from online ranging from $50 – $100 dollars(the mink ones cost at least $90 – $100 on the average). Finally, I am so excited to share with you this review of the new latest generation of magnetic eyelash that finally work after 6 months of hard work.

These mink magnetic eyelashes are going to save you a lot of time, money and is definitely a much healthier way for you to look beautiful. Comes with different styles of eyelashes design which you can just clip on easily in a few seconds.

They are handmade with the high quality mink materials, super soft and ultra light weight so for maximum comfort for wearing all day long… These will DEFINITELY beat any magnetic eyelashes you can find out there!

Watch FULL VIDEO below to find out why these lashes are different and how to put them on.

These clip on Mink Magnetic Lashes wins over all the other types of Magnetic Lashes and Eyelash Extensions…

Magnetic Eyelashes will give you a “finished” look and they do make a lot of difference to your eyes don’t they? They opens up your eyes instantly.

Which is why eyelash extensions and falsies are so addictive, making us feel very ”naked” without our fluttery eyelashes. Compared to the traditional falsies, magnetic eyelashes are so much easier to apply – no more mascara, curlers, or magnetic eyeliner required for these.

I’m sure you seen those magnetic eyelashes that requires you to put an magnetic eyeliner on. I am very doubtful of those type because of the amount of metallic content and chemicals that are inside it. You are applying those chemicals directly on your skin so it can act like a magnet on the lashes can be stuck on together with the eyeliner. Besides, I also worry that there is a chance that the eyeliner could come off or flake off during the day causing the magnetic lashes to drop.

Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxide which is a metal content in them so the lashes can stay intact directly on your skin. I have watched many YouTube videos of these type of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner which in fact are super popular nowadays in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia due to convenience. Unfortunately, many of these YouTubers said they did not work for them. Some of those that were being reviewed are very pricy too.

When I found these clip on magnetic eyelashes through one of my staff, I was so thrilled as these would solve my issues of having tired, dry and sensitive eyes which were no longer suitable for eyelash extensions. 🙁 Those were made of synthetic silk lashes material so I thought to make our own with mink fur.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes Singapore UK

I wear theses mink magnetic lashes everyday for 6 -12 hours without feeling discomfort. Not just me, my boyfriend loves them too!

ALL LADIES would love these new generation of clip-on mink magnetic eyelashes. Especially those who dislike wearing makeup or have allergies to cosmetics will definitely benefit from clip on mink magnetic eyelashes.

Glue-on eyelashes including eyelash extensions, can damage or rip the natural lashes overtime. It can also increase airflow around the eye, which might dry your eyes out. Dirt & makeup get stuck on the extensions as well. If you have sensitive eyes, you will tend to rub your eyes very often when you have extensions on. 

Mink Magnetic eyelashes are a safer, cleaner, and a more fuss-free version of traditional false lashes.

They are much more hygienic as they will not require the application of glue which may lead to infections as most adhesive glue contains formaldehyde and various chemicals.

To clean them, you may once in a while just simply dip these lashes in soapy water, rinse them and then dry them out before storing them away.

These mink magnetic eyelashes can be reused over and over again for up to 200 times. It is so comfortable & easy to put on.

The best thing is, you can remove it anytime to let my natural lashes rest when you don’t need to wear them.

After many months of trying out different types of FAILED magnetic lashes that I could get my hands on from online and followed by months of working very hard with our lash supplier factory back and forth to correct and improve on the custom made premium quality handmade mink fur magnetic lashes that is not just comfortable but it could hold its shape and curl.

In the end, we finally get the recipe right with the best materials, lashes, magnets and angles to work for the magnetic lashes so it can worn for the whole day without any discomfort.

At Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy, we have trained more than 4000 students worldwide from over 30 countries and are proud to manufacture our own high quality mink lashes for our eyelash extensions that Hairs are as natural as your own (even finer, actually).

Why are Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Magnetic Eyelashes better?

100% Handmade: These magnetic eyelashes are 100% handmade with mink fur. We chose mink lashes because of their fineness and similar properties to human lashes, mink hairs are an ideal material to use for making natural looking lashes that add beautiful looking volume.

Hold a nice curl and shape: Making the lashes look neater.

– Ultra Lightweight and Maximum Comfort: You will not even feel their weight on your eyes. They will seamlessly blend with your own lashes, for the most natural look. They are extremely easy to apply and comfortable for prolonged wear compared to materials made with synthetic fibers or silk lashes which are heavy and hard.

Easy to put on. They clip on well so it would not drop off easily.

Special Magnets are made flatter and smaller on the perfect angle position so you would not feel it there.

– Cotton Band:  The part holding the lashes together are made with cotton soft band material where most others made their entire lash out of plastic, therefore it would be stiffer and harder to apply than those made with a softer material, such as cotton band

– Irritation-Free: No glue needed. Thus it will not cause any irritation to your eyes nor damage to your natural eye lashes.

– Versatile: You can wear a thicker more volume design to change your look instantly base on the occasion or choose a natural style for everyday wear.

– Reusable: When properly cared and stored, these magnetic eyelashes can be reused again and again, saving you the money without buying tons of false lashes or having to redo touch-ups on expensive eyelash extensions.

We made 2 styles:

Natural Style

Premium High Quality Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Premium High Quality Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Dramatic Style

Premium High Quality Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Premium High Quality Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

How to put them on?

(You may watch the YouTube video for a clearer easier way to see how to put on)

  1. Remove one side of magnetic lash from the box
  2. Use a twisting motion to release the magnets by sliding it forward. DO NOT TEAR THE MAGNETIC LASHES APART.
  3. The flat part of the magnet should be facing out when you put both the pieces on the top and bottom of the clipper.
  4. Check that the both lashes are in the direction that they would curve upwards from the side of the clipper.
  5. Look at the ends of the lashes, the side with shorter lashes should be placed at the corner of the eyes.
  6. Put the clipper with the applicator top which is the black part that is thicker on your eyelid as close to your lash line as possible
  7. Push gently the top part of the clipper to lift the eyelid upwards lightly, you will see your own lashes will point upwards slightly.
  8. Close the clipper. You can then try to clip it on as close to your lash line as you can and you are done!

It took me a couple of tries to get it on when I first had it, so don’t worry about it as practice makes perfect.

How to remove?

  1. Put your fingers to locate the part where the magnet is holding on to your lashes.
  2. Use a twisting motion to release the magnets by sliding the magnet.


Considering the fact that a set of single eyelash extension session will cost you $60 – $100 anyway with regular touch up required. These mink magnetic eyelashes can be reused for 200 times. You can take it off whenever you want. I think it is definitely worth it to invest in a good pair of High Quality Mink Magnetic Eyelashes. In fact you should have a few different pairs for different occasions. We are currently in the trials of making more different styles of magnetic eyelashes and coloured magnetic lashes that is only exclusive to us. 🙂

For a very limited time only, Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy are going to be selling the mink magnetic lashes at only $49.90.

Usual Price for mink magnetic lashes in the market is at least $80+ to $100+. So grab this offer FAST before it ends! Remember to go to their link to subscribe too so you will be updated when more styles of lashes are out to add to your collections.

You may also feel free to pop in to Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy outlet at Orchardgateway #B2-01(Right below Somerset MRT) to give the magnetic lashes a try to feel how soft & light it is.

Please call 6702 3062 before you come in to make sure that someone is available there to teach you how to put it on if you need guidance or simply watch the tutorial video above as it is easy to learn it by yourself too.

Premium Mink Magnetic Eyelashes Ultra Soft & Lightweight



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