Top Hair Styler in Korea – GlamPalm – Get $15 OFF

Top Hair Styler in Korea – GlamPalm

Introducing Korea’s No. 1 Hair Styler – GLAMPALM. I am very excited about this post. Why? Because this is every girl’s dream come true. A hair styler that will not damage your hair! AWESOME!!! Now I can straighten/curl my hair everyday without worries and there is no need to use hair protector. Hehz ūüôā


Glampalm review

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Why does it not damage the hair? 

GlamPalm is made with healing stone mineral coating technology therefore it protects your hair from being burnt. Which is great because our main concern in using hair dryer or styler everyday is that it dries our the hair too much. This makes it so convenient too as I do not need to use heat protectors before or after styling my hair anymore! 

The heat protectors and styling spray are not exactly cheap too.

There are¬†11 different temperature settings ranging from¬†100¬įC to 200¬įC. *OMG!!!*

With the temperature setting you can choose the most suitable setting for  your hair type. You can adjust to low heat if you have thin & fragile hair and increase the temperature accordingly if you have thick & coarse hair.  

All you need is the STYLER GUIDE below to select the right styler and tempature for your hair and application.

best hair styler straightener GlamPalm styler guide

best hair styler straightener GlamPalm styler temperature guide

I chose type 201 because I have medium normal hair which I want to be able to both straighten and curl it.

As the sides of GlamPalm are rounded, it is also possible to curl your hair with GlamPalm too! WHAT??? 2-in-1 styler? Are you beginning to love this more and more? 

Glampalm best hair styler Korea

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REALLY NO DAMAGE? See for your self the hair test results


The Healing Stone mineral ore are found in the mountains of South Korea , whose natural purifying and healing properties have long been linked to longevity and vitality. 

Today, GlamPalm, the exclusive owner of the Healing Stone mines, infuses this mineral ore into its World-Class Stylers for an exceptional therapeutic benefit. A proprietary plating process allows the wands to emit high levels of far infrared rays and anions, odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules that are breathed abundantly in mountain, beach, and aquatic environments.

You can be assured that GlamPalm Hair Styler is one of it’s kind. A premium grade product that will work to give us the beautiful hair we want.

Anions, or negative ions, produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy. Additionally, anions help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimising damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

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– My Review –

I feel that the GlamPalm hair styler is very user friendly. I had a¬†phobia about burning my fingers¬†accidentally with hair stylers usually but with GlamPalm, the heat can be adjusted so I have a peace of mind knowing I can put it to a lower¬†temperature so the heat is just right and I don’t risk burning my hair or my fingers.¬†

My hair doesn’t feel dry or frizz up the following day or every other day after using it. It is indeed different to the previous hair stylers that I had.


What Are the Features?  

Glamplam advantages 1Glamplam advantages

What is in the package? 

GlamPalm is retailed at $285 SGD. You can purchase it from the official website. In the box, there is a very pretty bag for you to keep the hair styler,  a comb and 2 long hair clips. Glampalm kit1 what is in glamplam box   glampalm3

Glampalm blogger


Here is a short 2 minute video which I did to show how easy it is to use GlamPalm to style your hair.

If you would like to find out more about Glampalm on their Official Website, click on the link:

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Not bad right? Do check GlamPalm out.

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Even XiaXue thinks GlamPalm is great!

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