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Thanks to More Nail Models


Wa lalala…. I’m so happy and sense of achievements fills me up whenever I do nail designs.

Sculpting a flower

I am sure everyone have something that makes them forgets of who they are when they are doing a particular thing they like.


Done with the Flower


Making it looks like it is inside the nail instead of sticking out like 3D type

Whenever I am doing nails, it makes me forgets all the bills that I have to pay, my duty as a wife, housework chores and having a real estate job that requires solving lots of crazy problems….etc. Everyone needs to find something they love to do and indulge in.

Some 3D design mix color flowers

It’s a healthy way to live your life to take a break out of your busy work schedule to do something you love. Remember to do this or you will surely burnt out eventually and get lot’s of stress trap within you.

Of course I don’t just love doing nails, I also like cooking, baking, traveling, blogging, shopping, make up and many many other things that I enjoy in life but I can’t deny that pretty nails never fails to brighten up my day.

Life is too short so just remind yourself to spend a little more time spending time with your love ones and doing things that you enjoy if you work too much like me.

Here now to introduce my next 2 nail models Before and After photos:

Nail Model: Jerlynn


Jerlynn have long nails to begin with but I wanted it looking a little longer and more striking so I used a darker blue color with large pieces of glitter here and there on the french tip extensions.

So SHINY surface!!!

Look at how shiny the gel nails are. I used AnGel which is an organic soak off Gel formula from Korea. It is just as shiny as Hard gel. The best thing is that it can be easily removed by just soaking off without mechanical filing. The Gel is also non harmful. Told you I always believe in not just beautiful nails but Healthy Nails. I want the best to be on your nails.

NEXT…. *roll drums*

Nail Model: Josephine


Josephine had a hard time growing her nails long as her nails always seems to crack into double layers as soon as it gets long on the index fingers. This is a sign of dry brittle nails. Usually people with nails like have trouble growing their nail long.

For dry brittle nails – Tip: Try using nail strengthener and moisturize your hand and nails often. Eating Vitamin B complexes. Vitimin C, A, E, calcium and zinc supplements helps too.


Josephine’s nails are now long and shiny. I choose this light blue color for the french tip because her favorite color is blue and the yellow flowers brightens up and make the nail so eye captivating. The photo doesn’t show very well but the blue gel has long strips of shiny glitter in them.

Brought to you by Jessie Ting (Beauty Recipe) ….

*Sign off*




  1. hi Jessie
    your blog is AWESOME!!! and i LOVE those nails sculpture that you did. how did you get to have the two tones flower… like that yellow flower (well white underneath hint of yellow on the petal)…. LOVE IT!!!! i’m in the process of buying/ remodeling my store and i’m trying to research the interior design of nail salon but nothing really come up until i saw some pictures on your blog…i guess when you were doing research for your own salon….Btw CONGRATULATION!!! how and where did you get those pictures? i really appreciate if you can give me some pointers!!! THANK YOU!!!

    thank you so much and can’t wait for your next blog!


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