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Sculptra at Halley Medical Aesthetics

sculptra filler singapore

 Sculptra at Halley Medical Aesthetics I am very pleased with my Ultherapy session with Halley Medical Aesthetics previously. You can read about how Ultherapy has helped me achieved significant firmer skin and slimmer face on my previous posts. After 6 weeks, I am back to Halley Medical Aesthetics to fill up the indentation on my face especially the nasolabial folds (smile …

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Win a Plastic Surgery Sponsored with Banobagi Contest

Win a Plastic Surgery Full Sponsorship with Banobagi Contest

    Have you been thinking for a while about wanting some sort of Plastic Surgery to enhance your looks? How about take part in the Banobagi Contest to win a sponsorship with one of the best Clinic in Plastic Surgery in Korea?  There is nothing wrong to wanting to look better so you have more confidence by considering plastic surgery. I …

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