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By other bloggers Lash-Extensions @ Beauty Recipe


  THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL/ SPONSORSHIP For the longest time, M tried to persuade me to get lash extensions done and honestly, I’ve never been quite bothered with my lashes to care spending any effort on them. I had already resigned to my Asian lashes- short, straight and aiming for your feet, hardly flutter-worthy. GREED is one of the …

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Natural looking Eyelash Extension that do not break your own lashes


  Previously, I have blog about an eyelash extension technique at Beauty Recipe that is so natural gorgeous looking that does not break your own lashes which is mostly all our concerns and worries when we hear from our other friend’s experience. I’m here to explain to you why our technique does not cause your real lashes to break. Click on …

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A different kind of Eyelash Extensions singapore

Side view of the fan shape lashes

A different kind of Eyelash Extensions singapore Previously I have wrote a blog review on the amazing effect of eye lash perming that last for 3 months! You can click on the link: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/jessieting/permed-my-lashes/ I consider myself very lucky for having a good length for my eye lashes. For those that wish to have longer and thicker eye lashes, I …

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